It’s been a pleasure.

Around March I said I wanted to come back, but the timing was bad because I had so much to revise for my eight exams.

I’ve been on holiday since end of May. I’ve been playing video games and learning how to do mini mobile games. I’ve also read a few stories here and there, but definitely not as much as I used to in the last years.

The thing is this:
I don’t think I’m coming back to this blog. I’m going into my fourth and final year of university this September, and I started this blog after I had just finished high school -during my gap year!

I’ve met awesome people from awesome countries and learned that reading is not a dying habit by any means. You just need to know where to find the bookworms,haha.

I will never forget that a one point in my life this blog meant a lot to me. Every morning I would check my numbers, interact with other bloggers and decide what things to share. This whole procedure of reading something amazing (or not) and sharing it with people gave me a feeling that I can’t describe in words, though I’m sure lots of bloggers know what I’m talking about!

I’m also really glad with the 50,983 visitors and 72,998 views my blog got along the years. Who would’ve thought?

But it’s just that I’ve changed so much. I am now 23 and have grown into a different person. It’s hard for me to carry on something I’ve started five years ago, which is why I’ve opted not to renew my membership in September. I think my fonts and theme will disappear thereafter.

Lots of bloggers I started with are long gone, so I doubt many people are reading this, but I just felt I owe it to the blog.

WordPress, fellow bloggers, friends, it’s been a pleasure.

Coming back?


I’ve just changed my blog’s theme for a fresher look.

Even though I’m extremely busy these days, I feel like coming back on wordpress to post at least once a week. Because I do miss life here. I never felt left out – on the contrary, I met lots of people sharing the same passion for books. My days had a purpose – I’d read something amazing to share on the blog later. And I was always looking forward to my favourite bloggers’ next post.

Oddly enough my blog has been doing quite well without me – statistically speaking. I very rarely get less than 50 views and my number of views per day regularly peaks around 90. Today itself I got 97 views, which is quite crazy. All in all, that’s 62,241 in total. I wonder when it will hit 100,000!

Anyway, I hope people will react to this post. I can’t wait to interact with you guys, again! 🙂


James Salter, Bangkok

I’ll tell you something funny, Hollis said, something I heard. They say that everything in the universe, the planets, all the galaxies, everything—the entire universe—came originally from something the size of a grain of rice that exploded and formed what we have now, the sun, stars, earth, seas, everything there is, including what I felt for you.