Coming back?


I’ve just changed my blog’s theme for a fresher look.

Even though I’m extremely busy these days, I feel like coming back on wordpress to post at least once a week. Because I do miss life here. I never felt left out – on the contrary, I met lots of people sharing the same passion for books. My days had a purpose – I’d read something amazing to share on the blog later. And I was always looking forward to my favourite bloggers’ next post.

Oddly enough my blog has been doing quite well without me – statistically speaking. I very rarely get less than 50 views and my number of views per day regularly peaks around 90. Today itself I got 97 views, which is quite crazy. All in all, that’s 62,241 in total. I wonder when it will hit 100,000!

Anyway, I hope people will react to this post. I can’t wait to interact with you guys, again! ūüôā





I’ve just gone on the blog and seen this.

427 views is crazy. My blog averages 70 views per day, so I don’t know how this happened.

Anyway, I’m glad I decided to go on the blog today. This will encourage me to post more in the future.


Blogging on WordPress: 2nd Year Anniversary

Yep.It’s two years already.

I created the blog in June 2013,but it was only around August that I got things started.

If one year ago I was feeling pretty excited and looking forward to many more years on WordPress,now I feel a bit exhausted and very bored.I seem to have lost my mojo for blogging.I write my reviews only because I promised myself two years ago that I would have a long list of the reviews of all the books I set myself to read.I do things more out of duty than out of spontaneity; my recent posts are either quotes or reviews РI used to do more than that,but I guess I no longer feel inspired.

I think I became bored when I noticed¬†how many people I knew (virtually) had stopped blogging.I could have looked for new¬†people¬†then,but classic book bloggers are pretty hard to find,and the few I found either gave up¬†very quickly or post once every so often.In the end I stopped looking for new bloggers,and when logged in,just go about¬†writing my posts and visiting the few bloggers I’ve known back then who’re still here.

That doesn’t mean I’m quitting though.I have still¬†many beautiful novels left on my TBR list,which I wish to talk about here once I’m done reading them.So,yep,I’m not quitting anytime soon.It’s just that blogging is nowhere nearly as fun as it used to be.

A Look Back at 2014(Part 2): Uni Life,Blogging and Bloggers

Uni Life:

I couldn’t make it to any American university,despite spending the last days of 2013 writing my applications.I didn’t have the extra curricular activities required.Or put it simply,I just wasn’t good enough.I’m not one of the top minds of my generation; I’m just average,or below maybe.

So I ended up in the University of Kent.Well,yeah,I had quite some choices,but I (or my parents) opted for Kent because of the year in industry inclusive in my course.Gutted as I was at not being granted a seat in a top American university,being offered a seat in a British university meant little to me.I went there with little expectations.

But I was proved wrong.The university campus is pretty big and I’m just in love with Canterbury’s landscape.I like the politeness of the people and the value for money you get for mostly everything.I couldn’t stop ordering things there,and the receptionists at my accommodation don’t even require me to produce my identity card as they already know my name by heart.It’s always something like: ”Oh it’s you!”, ”It’s parcel time!” or ”What do you order???” At first I said ‘books’. ”For study?”,’Yeah.” ¬†– I sounded like an angel.

I took some time before settling in at university.For two months,I spent my¬†week-ends at the shopping centre and slept at 2 in the morning.I did my homework on the day before the deadline and woke up only to go to lectures.Worst of all,I didn’t have time to read.Well,my life was a mess.

Things are a lot better now.I sleep at 11,wake up early (at 9:30),contact my lecturers when need be and stay on campus during the week-ends so as to revise and work on my assignments.I also have time to read.Next year,I plan to participate in volunteering activities more and I hope I’ll come up with something great for the forthcoming Enterprise Challenge; I have to make a remarkable pitch interview.

I also witness or experience¬†some funny or peculiar moments on campus,and I wish to share them with you.That’s why I’m thinking of creating a personal blog which will follow my life in university! I hope you’ll like it. ūüôā
I didn’t blog as much as I wished this year.I was a bit depressed during the first weeks of my university life.Then I was overwhelmed with work and was too exhausted during my free time to write something interesting enough to catch your attention.But I’m happy with my posts.My reviews are how I want them to be; compared with my reviews of earlier days,they are pretty well written,I think.

Also I wrote some interesting posts,like the one with the epitaphs or the one about the Nobel Prize.By interesting,I mean I learned a lot while writing them.I hope you did too when reading them.In 2015,I want to write way more posts though.

It was fun taking part in the Top Ten Tuesday.I met some great bloggers whose opinions on books I want or apprehend to read were very helpful.I’m glad as well that I was able to keep in touch with bloggers I met in late 2014.Their opinions on my posts are very precious to me,as they themselves read a lot and are highly knowledgeable.I regard them as my friends.Also I occasionally look for new bloggers on wordpress.People fond of reading classics or award-winning books are pretty rare,so I’m always delighted whenever I stumble upon one.

Despite all these positive points,I regret being rash.I try my best to avoid having regrets,but I end up acting the wrong way…sometimes.No one but a once-close blogger of mine will understand this – well,I hope.



Hello Belizean!

It so happened that I checked my blog’s stats today and learned that someone from Belize stumbled upon one of my posts! I’m pretty excited because yesterday I watched that episode in Breaking Bad¬†in which Saul asks Walt why he doesn’t send Hank to Belize!

Being a huge fan of the show I was pleasantly surprised to see a Belizean in my stats! I didn’t even know that Belize was a country and thought it was spelt ”Balize” or ”Balise”.I think I maybe saw the Belizean flag in my stats in the past,but I didn’t pay it much attention as it didn’t mean anything to me at that time.

Well,here are¬†some pictures from Belize I found on the net.I don’t think the country is paradise (google my country and you’d think it’s a dream island!),but it sure has some gorgeous¬†beaches,just as mine does!


Top Ten Bookish (and Blogging) Confessions

I’m not sure what the prompt for today’s Top Ten Tuesday is about; should we make a list of bookish confessions or of blogging ones? Since I couldn’t decide,I have made an amalgam of confessions pertaining to both categories.


1.I double-read most paragraphs.I’m not a slow reader,but whilst reading I like to go back to the preceding paragraphs all over again to ensure that I have not missed any thing from the book.

2.I want to throw myself off a building whenever I see a list of ”the best books ever” on goodreads.Anna Karenina,Brothers Karamazov or The Great Gatsby next to Hunger Games,The¬†Fault in Our Stars,and Da Vinci Code? Ok,these YA books must have been great to read,but one has to be relative.It’s like comparing Beethoven to Bieber! I’m not saying that today’s books are mediocre; I’m just saying that pop¬†literature books will never be tomorrow’s classics.On the other hand,Byatt’s Possession,Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go,Roy’s God of Small Things and apparently Catton’s The Luminaries will be among the¬†books regarded as the best of the 21st century and of all time,for that matter.

3.I don’t restrict myself to reading only one genre of books.While most of¬†the¬†novels¬†I’ve read so far are classics,I’m always having an eye on books which have won or been nominated for some prestigious literary competitions; A Girl is a Half-Formed Things,The Luminaries,A Tale for the Time Being,and Wolfhall are¬†examples of¬†books,recently published,which I plan to read in the near future.

4.Hardcovers are not better in my eye.I used to buy the myth that hardcovers were prettier than paperbacks,but I was quickly disillusioned¬†when I realised that publishers don’t give these hardcovers the treatment they deserve; very often,the binding is glued and the covers are dull.Besides,the little difference between a paperback and a hardcover doesn’t justify the enormous disparity between their prices! That’s why I turn to paperbacks when I’m not buying Folio¬†books – which belong to another class.

5.Until recently I never considered myself lucky for being bilingual.In reading so many books,I have understood that every language has its own peculiarities and charm.French is very poetic,crude and naturally abstract.English is poetically flamboyant,magical,highly malleable,yet very simple.I am indeed lucky to be well-versed in both languages.(By the way,none of the two is my mother tongue,maybe that is why I see beauty in both.)


1.I try to keep my reviews as objective as possible,so as to let someone be aware of everything he should know before buying a book.I understand that sometimes people might not agree with me,especially if one of their favourite books is being reviewed

2.One of the highlights of 2014 is the blogging community I’ve managed to build.Until early 2014,that is,after 6 months of blogging,I still hadn’t been able to find many people who regularly read books I’m interested in.At some point I even wondered if there were such people on wordpress.Gradually I’ve stumbled on bloggers who are more or less of the same age as I and who read classics and very intriguing books.I’ve discovered a fair number of¬†novels¬†through them!

3.I admit I had my doubts about this blog on numerous occasions,but after making it more book-oriented,infusing my personality into it,and deciding to write only when I feel to (and not when I need to),I felt better.I am very happy with the blog,as it is the only token of my (aesthetic) soul.

4.High stats sure are gratifying to see – I have some¬†articles¬†which have had over 500 views each – but they are never a driving force¬†behind¬†my posts.The latest quote I have¬†shared,for instance,hasn’t attracted many people,but it does not matter.I found it very powerful and moving,and felt I had to put it on my blog,irrespective of whether or not it would be liked.

5.I can’t help but notice that I’m one of the very,very few guys who blog about books.In that respect,I consider myself lucky.I have more chance to find¬†a partner who’ll love books than you girls! ūüôā

Short Hiatus

This is not a hiatus per se.I am not leaving WordPress for a while; however,there will be no reviews for some days or weeks.I am currently reading Anna Karenina which is a pretty huge book comprising about 900 pages and given that I like to take my time reading a book,I won’t finish it any time soon – I’m still on page 317.

On the other hand,I won’t let the blog turn inactive.I recently read Aesop’s Fables and stumbled upon many stories and quotes that I’d like to share here.Moreover,I’ll keep on posting my takes on the Weekly Photo Challenge! There will also be pictures of my Folio books – I’m still unsure whether I should keep posting them.Hmm,I might also start a review of Lord of the Flies which I have been postponing since January.