#2. Frankenstein: A Book that Struck my Fancy

Let’s get straight to the point with this one.

Is it an essential novel that one should absolutely read? No.

Is it, in my opinion, a beautiful book? So-so.

Are there (way) better classics? Yes.

I read ‘Frankenstein’ back in the very beginning, when I was still scanning lists of classics one should read before he dies. When I came across it in one of those lists, my interest was piqued immediately. Firstly, I didn’t know there was a book behind this whole Frankenstein thing. And secondly, I thought it would make for an exciting read! I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s Frankenstein we’re talking about!

So, I went online on bookdepository and bought myself a copy. This and The Picture of Dorian Gray were my first ever orders online! And as I liked all things fancy, I picked Frankenstein in the Classics Deluxe Edition, just because I liked the look of the cover.

Now don’t get me wrong. Maybe the way I’ve started this post has led you thinking that it is a terrible book. But it isn’t. For real.

It just doesn’t feel memorable enough for me. In fact, I have a vague remembrance of how things end. To be honest, the part I enjoyed most was where Dr Frankenstein was growing up and becoming a genius scientist hungry for knowledge and keen to do what nobody has ever done before. I really enjoyed his manic monologues that are made all the more striking and touching thanks to Mary Shelley’s prose. There’s a scene which to this day I still remember: the death of Dr Frankenstein’s mother and the aftermath. The words have faded in memory, but I remember how beautifully written the loss was.

I’ll probably give this book a second read one of these days.

1 thought on “#2. Frankenstein: A Book that Struck my Fancy”

  1. Not a classic fave, yet in the short time I have with my AP Lit class (only one semester), I find old Victor and his creation prepares my students well for the lit exam essay.

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