Coming back?


I’ve just changed my blog’s theme for a fresher look.

Even though I’m extremely busy these days, I feel like coming back on wordpress to post at least once a week. Because I do miss life here. I never felt left out – on the contrary, I met lots of people sharing the same passion for books. My days had a purpose – I’d read something amazing to share on the blog later. And I was always looking forward to my favourite bloggers’ next post.

Oddly enough my blog has been doing quite well without me – statistically speaking. I very rarely get less than 50 views and my number of views per day regularly peaks around 90. Today itself I got 97 views, which is quite crazy. All in all, that’s 62,241 in total. I wonder when it will hit 100,000!

Anyway, I hope people will react to this post. I can’t wait to interact with you guys, again! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Coming back?”

  1. I very much like your new, clean and brisk blog theme! And I do hope you’ll be popping in regularly, when you find the time in your busy schedule. It’s always a pleasure to see your posts.

    1. Oh thank you so much!
      I somehow miss blogging. I think I needed a break. I now feel like the blog might be a good platform to share new things I’ve discovered pertaining to literature and books.

      What is a bit weird though is how much the ‘community’ has changed. There are very few active bloggers from my generation. Most blogs nowadays are from a generation after me and I’m not really that acquainted with them.

      That’s why I’m so glad you’re still around!! 😀

      1. Blogging is a funny thing, sometimes you don’t feel like it at all, yet you miss it. I’ve found out a curious thing – I connect well with bloggers across generations, it’s probably not me, it’s more something peculiar to blogging, I think. I find it very nice. So here’s to blogging, hope to see you around again soon!

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