Some Bookshops in London

I was in London last Thursday and got the opportunity to pop in some bookshops I found on Buzzfeed.

But it was pouring for the better part of the day and my phone’s battery was dying, so I only managed to go to three bookshops. That’s why I’m planning to go to the remaining bookshops next time and update this post when I do. For the time being, I have the following pictures, which look a bit like crap due to WordPress’s compression.

– It was not until I took my first shot that I realized how awkward it was to take pictures in a bookshop; my camera’s slow shutter would cause everybody to turn around and I would feel a bit creepy pointing my camera in people’s direction, so I waited for moments when I was alone to actually shoot anything. I also had to be pretty quick, so my pictures were not that crisp.

1.Lyuten and Rubinstein
It was the first bookshop I went to, because I thought it would be the most amazing. To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed upon coming in, as the place was smaller and the staff was rather cold and a far cry from what I imagined. Still, it was a nice bookshop. You can check the entrance in the article I linked above. I went downstairs, where most of the books were found. I loved the setting there, as the dimness gave it a cosy feeling.





I visited the one in Marylebone. I got drenched whilst finding my way to get there, but it was worth it. The setting is superb and it is immense. I spent some time on the first floor before going downstairs where there were the South American books. The nice thing about Daunts is that books are shelved under the country they’re related to. For instance, Colm Tobin and George Orwell’s respective works, Homage to Barcelona and Homage to Catalonia, are both to be found on the shelf for Spanish books. I think that is great, because if you’re looking for some books belonging to a particular kind of literature (South American, Indian, English, etc), then you will inevitably come upon some very interesting books. I’m definitely going back!



3.Folio Society
The bookshop turned out to be smaller than I imagined, but the books were still a delight to the eyes. My pictures don’t really do them any justice. While checking the new releases, I saw a girl, her mum and her colleague come in the bookshop. She is a familiar face at the bookshop, as she exulted upon coming in: ”Three times a week! I can’t stop staring at these beauties.” I was curious to see what books she found particularly nice, and I wasn’t surprised when she ”wowed” at Lord of the Flies. I couldn’t take pictures of the other side, as they were standing right there.

DSC_2233DSC_2235(To be continued)


7 thoughts on “Some Bookshops in London”

  1. What a great ide by Daunts to organise their offerings in geographic themes. Wish other stores would follow suit instead of the basic alphabetical/ genre categorisation.

  2. Didn’t know there was a Folio Society book shop in London! Somehow I had thought it was only an online book shop 😀 Nice t read from you again!

    1. If you go to London one of these days (which will be pretty easy for you,as you’re in Europe), make sure you visit them! I’m sure you’ll like them. 🙂

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