What I’m Currently Reading

After finishing Charles Bukowsky’s Post Office last week,I’m now set on The House of the Spirits.

During the summer holidays I asked a friend who’s a literature freak if there was a book at least remotely close to One Hundred Years of Solitude‘s style,and it was then that he suggested Isabel Allende’s novel.I googled it and learned that it is regarded as one of the most important and beautiful works in Latin American literature.I bought it a few weeks ago,and,just as it was with Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece,the book is slowly winning me over.I don’t know what it is with Latin American authors,but they just have this knack of writing absolutely anything with sheer lyricism.

Hmm,I think it’d be better if Post Office had its own separate post,because there are quite a few things I wish to say about this book.It was my first time reading Charles Bukowsky.



3 thoughts on “What I’m Currently Reading”

  1. Im in a quandary about Allende. A brazilian friend raves about her but the two I’ve read left me a bit underwhelmed (though I haven’t read this particular novel which is meant to ber masterpiece)

  2. I loved Allende’s books for young adults (City of the Beasts etc.) when growing up! House of the Spirits is beautiful and well-written as well. One of my favorites. Allende’s background is interesting (her being related to Salvador Allende) and you can feel her background in many of her works.

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