5 Authors and Some Creepy Facts About Them

I got spooked yesterday by a kid while coming off the bus.It reminded me that Halloween is nigh and that I should post something relevant to celebrate!

Here are 5 interesting facts I found about some well-known authors:

1.Emily Bronte used to beat her British Bullmastiff called Keeper to a pulp and until its eyes were all swollen whenever it was found napping on one of the beds in the house.Moreover,every time Keeper would fight against other dogs on the street,Emily would pour pepper in the poor creature’s eyes.The funny thing is that she would always nurse the dog’s wounds afterwards,and Keeper would remain loyal to her.

2.Agatha Christie would disappear suddenly on Friday 3 December 1926.She was already famous by then,and her disappearance sparked an unprecedented manhunt: one thousand policeman,hundreds of civilians and airplanes were all involved.She was eventually found in a hotel in Harrogate,11 days after she was last seen.She couldn’t help the police in explaining the incident,for she didn’t remember anything.Christie would never talk about what had happened during those 11 days later in her life,leaving the speculation to the media and her fans.

3.Ambrose Bierce took a trip to Mexico at the age of 71 to cover the Mexican Revolution and was never seen since.Some say that he had been killed by a firing squad while others believe that he never went to Mexico,but committed suicide instead.

4.Charles Dickens was fascinated with dead people and used to visit the Paris morgue to stare at dead bodies.He also liked to watch these cadavers being worked on.

5.Edgar Allan Poe tells the story of four sailors adrift at sea in his novel ”The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”.Having no food on board,the young cabin boy suggests that they draw lots so that the one with the shortest lot will be sacrificed and eaten.The loser turns out to be the cabin boy himself.His name was Richard Parker.Forty-six years later,the Mignonette was ship wrecked,forcing its four-man crew to move on a 13-foot lifeboat.Far from sea and starving,the other men rationalized to kill their young cabin boy who was dying anyway.His name was Richard Parker.



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