Folio Book Haul

While I was freezing in UK,I bought quite a number of Folio books at different intervals during the year and had them shipped to my country.I got my final order from the summer sale this morning,so I thought it’d be great time to finally show you my purchases.I didn’t take my pictures in the usual way; I wanted to give you a peek of the beautiful covers while not making the pictures too formal and ”rectangular”.

Birthday Book Haul

My 21st birthday was in January,so I got to choose three books of my liking.Given that it was the only time I had the opportunity to buy a Folio book at full price,I picked 1984 and Heart of Darkness which were the latest releases of the Folio Society at that time.There was also a special offer on Russian novels,so I added Eugene Onegin in my cart.Pushkin’s book was suggested to me by numerous members,and it didn’t disappoint.The Folio edition is very large,and the way the verses have been put onto paper couldn’t be more elegant.It is what many people call a fine edition.


Sci-Fi Sale

Around March I had saved some money to buy some Folios in the summer sale in July.But sci-fi novels were being discounted at 20%,and these included The Handmaid’s Tale,the novel that I most wanted in my wish list.Even though the 20% discounts didn’t save me much,I was happy to finally acquire it.To dilute shipping cost,I added Fahrenheit 451 and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

DSC_2171 (2)

DSC_2172 (2)DSC_2179 (4)

Jane Austen Offer

Some weeks later there was a special offer regarding Jane Austen’s novels: Buy Pride and Prejudice at full price and get Emma at half price.The sci-fi offer was still there,so I dropped Life,the Universe and Everything together with the Austen novels in my cart.

DSC_2182 (3)

DSC_2185 (3)

Summer Sale

The sale began almost on the same day I had my last exam,but I placed my first order some days later.It was perhaps the best Folio sale I had ever seen,as many new titles were on massive discounts.In the end I bought Herzog (60% off),Cloudstreet (50% off),A Circle in the Fire (50% off) and The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (30% off),which were all books that had been on my wish list since they were published.

DSC_2189 (2)

DSC_2192 (2)

DSC_2193 (2)

DSC_2194 (2)

Summer Sale…again!

During my first days of holidays I somehow decided to buy three more books which,although not big priorities,were on my wishlist and were being offered at great prices.The Once and Future King had been suggested to me by numerous members who praised the beauty of both the Folio edition and the story.I guess I did well to buy it because it was afterwards listed as out-of-print! Then I included the Bhagavad Gita.Even though I’m an atheist,I learned a fair deal from this text.Finally I chose The Wizard of Oz to go with these two.It is a story I somehow forgot about and which I need for my collection for children literature.The fact that it is introduced by Maria Tatar played an important role in my purchasing of it.

DSC_2196 (2)DSC_2197 (2)DSC_2198 (2)

Then I got lucky…

While I was at home in the middle of my summer vacations,I decided on a whim to visit eBay,something which I haven’t done ever since I left UK.I happened to have done well,as a SEALED Chekhov set was on auction at that very moment.It was the only out-of-print book that I desperately needed,as I already owned everything I was looking for.As a matter of fact,I was one day leading in an auction for that very same set,only to lose it in the dying seconds.This time I did the opposite; I waited until the last seconds before placing an important bid.My Russian Folio collection is now complete – I don’t wish to buy Doctor Zhivago or Turgenev’s novels (unless if it’s Fathers and Sons).

DSC_2200 (2)

I must admit that I bought more than I expected;however some discounts were too good to be ignored.As a result I’ve cleared my wish list by almost 85%,so that I’ll only a have a handful of buys for 2016.With my other Folio books bought from eBay in mind,I guess it’s been a superb year for me.Books I always dreamed of owning are now sitting on my shelves.So yep,it’s been a good year. 🙂

– I don’t know why some of the pics are yellowish.I wonder if it’s the light passing through my beige curtains or my camera in need of servicing.


9 thoughts on “Folio Book Haul”

    1. Haha,I’m glad you like them! 🙂
      Truth be told,I don’t really have that much space left in my bookcase,and some books are already surplus!
      I guess I’ll have to buy another bookcase!

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