Blogging on WordPress: 2nd Year Anniversary

Yep.It’s two years already.

I created the blog in June 2013,but it was only around August that I got things started.

If one year ago I was feeling pretty excited and looking forward to many more years on WordPress,now I feel a bit exhausted and very bored.I seem to have lost my mojo for blogging.I write my reviews only because I promised myself two years ago that I would have a long list of the reviews of all the books I set myself to read.I do things more out of duty than out of spontaneity; my recent posts are either quotes or reviews – I used to do more than that,but I guess I no longer feel inspired.

I think I became bored when I noticed how many people I knew (virtually) had stopped blogging.I could have looked for new people then,but classic book bloggers are pretty hard to find,and the few I found either gave up very quickly or post once every so often.In the end I stopped looking for new bloggers,and when logged in,just go about writing my posts and visiting the few bloggers I’ve known back then who’re still here.

That doesn’t mean I’m quitting though.I have still many beautiful novels left on my TBR list,which I wish to talk about here once I’m done reading them.So,yep,I’m not quitting anytime soon.It’s just that blogging is nowhere nearly as fun as it used to be.


15 thoughts on “Blogging on WordPress: 2nd Year Anniversary”

      1. Of all the people I know here,you’re the last I’d expect to say that!

        I think the fun starts fading away when blogging becomes a routine.I guess it’s at that time that we should start looking for other fun things to do here – fun challenges,other kinds of posts,etc.

        But your blog is more than perfect,so I’m happy that you’re not considering leaving! 😀

      2. Thank you for your kind words! Maybe I’ll feel better about my blog when I properly return to it in September, but it’s becoming a routine. Yes, you’re right, experimenting might help to bring the blogging sparkle back… We’ll see!

      3. I’ve decided to stop reviewing books.I’ll instead concentrate on writing posts that are book-related.I’ll also keep on posting quotes….
        It was necessary because I felt too much pressure to review books.I guess that’s a way of giving the blog a second breath…

  1. Happy blog birthday! 😉

    I know what you mean about people becoming sick of blogging and disappearing. I always ask myself why I do my blog? Is it for myself or for other people? There is always a tension, because you have an audience, to try to do what will draw readers and to focus on them, and it’s always a struggle to bring the focus back to yourself. So I try to remind myself that I blog because I want to remember the books that I’ve read and have a “diary” of my reactions to those books. I find that I don’t get as burnt out that way.

    I also don’t expect blogging to always be fun. Like anything, sometimes it’s a chore and you just have to push through until it becomes enjoyable again. And then again, sometimes there are seasons in life where you have to take a break.

    I really hope that you find some way to ……. well, I was going to say make it enjoyable again, but really, to realize the value in it.

    All the best!

    ~ Cleo ~

    1. Yep.You’re right! 🙂

      I think I will go with my pace and remember that I’m blogging for me.(I too wish to have a diary of that sort.)

      I’ll just dismiss my boredom as a thing of the mood.And yes,the things I post hold much value to me,you’re right.I ought to concentrate first on what they give me and then on what they evoke in others.Yep.That’ll be my motto for blogging from now on.

      Thanks a lot for these much-needed words. 🙂

  2. It’s been two years already? Congratulations on reaching this milestone – you should be proud! It’s been a pleasure to follow your blog these two years and I think you especially should be proud of all the hard work that you’ve put into making your blog.

    Sure enough, blogging isn’t always as fun as one would want it to be, but like Cleo mentioned, there must be a reason why you keep doing it. Sharing quotes can sometimes be as inspiring as an entire post on the latest book you read, and quantity isn’t the same as quality when it comes to thoughtful posts. If you’re feeling uninspired by what you’re doing currently, then you could try to mix it up – change how you write a book review, draw parallels between books and art, share pictures or whatever it is that you feel currently more inspired about. Our blogs are our own channels to express ourselves and they should naturally adapt to changes in our tastes and interests. And if you later think that the new posts are no good, you can always hide them by setting them as private.

    However, it is also to okay to sometimes hit the brakes and change course. It would be a pity to lose you from WordPress, but you also should be able to enjoy what your doing. Everyone has slumps, so it’s perfectly fine to take breaks, but if even after a break you don’t feel inspired to blog, then maybe it’s time to look for a new way to discuss about your favourite classics.

    Anyways, I shall end this rather long comment now and wish you all the best! x

    1. Oh yes,I guess I should do things that make me happy.In this regard,maybe I should bring new things to the blog,irrespective of what others may think of them.

      I used to write about parallels between books,lives of authors,and so on,but while some were instant successes,others flopped,and I guess that’s why I got discouraged to continue.Hmm,I think now I’ll start with these posts again! 🙂

      I should also post interesting pictures related to literature!

      As always thanks for stopping by! Your words definitely helped me. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to your blog! You have great original blog as I have probably said countless time already! And find the mojo! I think boredom is the problem with me and with most bloggers here.

    I guess if you don’t feel like reviewing books here, use only Goodreads for that, you have had nice quotes and pictures and hmm thoughts so don’t review books if you don’t want to haha do what you want to do

    1. Thanks!
      Yep,you’re right.
      I’ve stopped doing reviews and instead focus on posting other little stuffs – blogging becomes less boring this way.

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