What I’ve been reading….

I forgot my camera in UK.Otherwise there would’ve been some posts about the books I bought since my last book haul.

Anyway,this post is a quick recap of what I’ve been reading since I left this blog for a hiatus.I’ll be posting neater and more in-depth reviews of these soon.

1.Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

This one was incredibly hilarious.I avoided Douglas Adams’s series back when I started reading classics,but my regard on it changed as I saw more and more fellow classic-loving bookworms praising it.I generally don’t laugh at any English jokes,but Douglas Adams was something else.At many points in the story,I was ”lol-ing” in my mind late at night.It was a really fun book to read,and that’s quite a difficult thing to achieve for many authors as laughter is normally generated through a visual medium; books on the other hand are regarded as more tedious,and tend to generate less laughter.I liked it so much that I bought the other two books that follow in the series.If you’re a fan,you might check the Folio Society edition of the book.The sparkles make it one of the most beautiful books ever produced – that’s no overstatement!

2.V for Vendetta – Alan Moore&David Lloyd

 I read it on a whim.I badly wanted to finally read my first graphic novel.I loved the mood and the tone.It was havoc everywhere,and V was such an endearing character.You cannot help but see some similarities between the book’s dystopian world and ours.Reading this book was extremely satisfying as well as inspiring;V is a hero,in his own way,and there’s little wonder as to why ‘Anonymous’ have decided to endorse his mask.Also,don’t forget that this was the book that launched Alan Moore to fame as one of the best graphic novelists ever.He made the most of what the ‘comics universe’ could offer; the dialogues were very minimalist,for the scenes were heavy with meanings and mood.However the final part of the book was not as good as the first ones in my opinion.This is particular obvious when the story,instead of picking up,simply pummels down.It was not terrible,but some questions were left unanswered,and I just expected a sumptuous finale to a book that started so well.It’s a shame,as it would’ve been among the best books I’d ever read.

3.News of a Kidnapping – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I reviewed this book about a week ago here,so I won’t go in too many details.News of a Kidnapping is simply a superb read that gives you full understanding of Colombia’s infamously most memorable era.It read like a thriller,because of the ruthless tug of war between the Extradibles (Escobar and co) and the government,in the midst of which were the hostages and their families.The story in itself is thrilling and compelling enough,and Garcia Marquez’s writing is just the icing on the cake.The empathy this book lands to its readers is unbelievable.The highlight of this book is how it shows us what it means to be held hostage for months.Also,Escobar steals the show by the end,and it was really insightful to see what kind of man he was.I reckon people should read this book so that the victims of this sad episode in Colombia’s history did not die in vain.

4.Batman: The Long Halloween

I talked about this book briefly some weeks ago.I’ll be brief once more.This episode is superb.It takes place right after Batman: Year One,so you just have to read one comic if you wish to catch up properly.Even so,you can read The Long Halloween without reading a Batman comic before.It felt like a real,traditional Batman comic,and there were actual murders in it.It was very intense and had you wrack your brains from the beginning till the end.There were plot twists upon plot twists,and Harvey Dent’s story is unforgettable.If you’re a fan of Batman,you just cannot go on without reading this one.

5.The Postman Always Rings Twice – James M.Cain

 I’ve been intrigued by the title ever since I joined the Folio Society in 2012.It was always too expensive for me,so I waited until I had it for £15 to actually read it – even then,I thought £15 was too much when I saw how little it was.Anyway,I read it because I wanted to know how it inspired the great Albert Camus to write The Plague.The story was not bad; it was rather compelling to be honest.However it was not mind-blowing and is easily forgettable.Definitely not a book you should go out of your way for.

6.Disgrace – J.M.Coetzee

I picked this book with a lot of misjudgments.I thought it was written around 1970,forgot it won the National Book Award,and all the while expected the story to be about a Heminwayesque figure lost in South Africa,freshly freed from the apartheid.I don’t wish to give away any spoiler,so I’ll be kind of vague.It was beautifully narrated,bearing the same richness of language nominees and winners of the Booker tend to gratify us with.As for the plot,it was horrifying,because ‘disgrace’ comes in all its form.Horrifying,palpable.A wonderful book that won’t leave you cold,even if you end up not liking it.

As for now,I’m currently reading The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver.It is a book about statistics and probabilities used on the stock market,at meteorological stations and so on.I’ve always been curious about this guy,so I picked it just before I left university.I’m still at the first pages,as the writing isn’t really meant for newbies.I guess I need to get acquainted with a myriad of terms first.


7 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading….”

  1. Well I hope I can one day make it into your reading list 😉 I’ve got a small-ish blog where I post short stories, and I’ve managed to turn a few heads with my novel’s prologue, and I’d love it if you could find some time to maybe read a few 🙂

  2. Yes! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, because I know that when it comes to humour, it can be a very hit or miss. I hope you do end up enjoying also the rest of the series.
    I remember seeing you review of Disgrace in Goodreads and thinking “Right, I need to read that too”. It’s been added to the long list of books you’ve swayed me to read, and hopefully I’ll get to it sooner rather than later. I’m also a bit intrigued by The Postman, because it’s referenced in popular culture so much.
    Anyways, it’s good to see you’re getting back into blogging and I’ll be eagerly waiting to read all of the reviews!

    1. The beauty of the books in Folio edition and the praise they received made inevitable for me to buy them! Given that I’m lagging behind by 3 books in regard to my reading challenge,I think I should read them after I finish The Signal and the Noise – which is no piece of cake to read because of the subject it deals with.

      Haha,I’m glad I’m being able to influence you! Disgrace is one hell of a book,and many people who read it were really upset.I love books which can evoke such strong feelings in readers! You should definitely read one day!

      By the way,I remembered a book which I ought to have told you about in your post regarding translation: George Perec’s A Void.It was written in French without the letter ‘E’,and the translators did a wonderful job,as even in English,you don’t find that letter!! You should check it out one day.It’s a classic I’ve been planning on reading for quite a while.

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