I’m back!

These freaking exams at times didn’t look like they were to end,so these past weeks were incredibly stressful for me.I’m glad it’s all over now.

I have only a few days left to spend in Canterbury.This first year was far from being perfect,but it nonetheless helped me develop an aspect of my personality I was badly lacking in.I can’t even believe 9 months have already elapsed,and I’m kind of sad to leave my room,knowing that I’ll never enter it again.

Well,the good thing is I can resume my reading.I read Batman:The Long Halloween some days ago,and it was incredible.It’s no wonder it is ranked 4th among all the Batman comics ever published.What I really liked in this particular ‘episode’ is how far from the clichéd superhero universe the setting was.There was much violence (murders upon murders),the weight of being a good guy in Gotham was extremely palpable,and Harvey Dent’s story was really tragic and sad – even sadder than in the movie.It was epic.

I’m now currently reading Stiff.It was an international best-seller and is still widely cited as one of the best non-fiction books ever written.The first pages are kind of pretty graphical and talks about things you tend to avoid thinking,so yeah,I think it’ll take some more pages for me to get used to it.The non-fiction books I’ve read so far have been incredibly insightful,so this book better not let me down!

Hmm,I’ll also talk about the books I’ve read this year,such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy,Where There’s Love There’s Hate,and especially News of a Kidnapping.Marquez’s book is unforgettable and ought to be known and read by way more people.I’ll definitely try to write something about it that will tempt people to pick it.

Finally,I’ll work a little bit more on my other blog before linking it here.I have to take pics,pick a theme,write some posts,etc.

I guess that’s it for now.



p.s: I bought so many Folios this year that I had all the pain of the world to fit everything in my two suitcases!! Oh,and a Folio giveaway will be pop on this blog pretty soon,so stay tuned. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Back!”

  1. Welcome back and I’ll be happy to see you reporting on your experience on your personal blog! You know that I’m mildly envious of your studying in Britain 😉 But in a good way!

    1. Oh thank you! 🙂
      Sure,once I’m home I’ll be posting many things about my first year in uni.There are things which are quite unbelievable….haha.

  2. Welcome baaack! 🙂 Missed your reviews. You have one of the most unique blogs here.

    What do you mean by you’ll never enter that room again?

    I need to read that Batman

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