As you may have noticed,it’s been quite a while since I last posted something I actually wrote.

Back in March,I was feeling quite burnt-out and badly needed a break from blogging.I was no longer taking any pleasure from writing about books.Moreover many bloggers I’m used to had little time blogging as they were busy with their lives,and it was incredibly difficult to find consistent new bloggers who share my love for literature and modern classics.

So,yeah,I took a hiatus.

Now I’m ready,but it seems the hiatus will lasts one month longer.My course is quite tough,so,as opposed to the majority of students,I have 7 freaking exams.They have yet to begin,so I’m revising like crazy,especially because the grades will count a good deal in my CV for my year in industry.I have also stopped reading and am already 2 books behind schedule if I wish to complete my goal of reading 30 books in 2015.Hopefully I’ll catch up.

As I’m leaving UK 1 week after finishing my exams,it is highly likely that I will write my next post from my country.I’m also working on my other blog and have even chosen the theme that will go for it.I’ve plenty of ideas for both of my blogs.I’ll also be hosting a Folio giveaway around July,so keep an eye on the blog.

See you soon,



6 thoughts on “Exams,exams,exams”

  1. Exam season is tough so I wish you good luck with yours!
    Taking a hiatus to re-energize is always good because even though we all love books and love writing about them, there are days/weeks/months in which you just don’t have the time or the energy to do so. For me the spring has definitely been pushing it, and though I’ve managed to read a lot more than I’ve anticipated, it’s been the writing and blogging that’s been lagging behind.

    So my advice is to ignore the Goodreads challenge bar and focus on those exams – you’ll have time after they are done! And if you do feel the need to read something more literary than the text books, I’d suggest re-reading something that you love – sometimes even a chapter of your favourite book can cheer you up and bring inspiration!

    1. Oh thanks a lot for this advice!! I never thought of doing that!

      I wanted to re-read some of my favourite books for a while,just because I wanted to relive these undescribable feelings I’ve had when reading them.But I feared I would waste time!! Thankfully you are there. 🙂

      I did as you told me,and I have been reading some extracts from Inheritance of Loss as well as the last part of Borges’s The Immortals!! As expected re-reading these gave me immense pleasure…. 🙂

      Thank you very,very much!!

      1. I am glad that you found re-reading to be such a pleasure. Your comment reminded me again that I really need to read Borges, because you’re always praising him! 🙂

    1. Oh thank you very much for this comment.It sure is heartwarming to know that my absence has been noticed by at least someone… 🙂

      Oh yes,when I’ll be back,I’ll be having a Folio giveaway.This time I will add even more books to my list,as I felt bad you didn’t participate the other,given that you had read all the books on the list… 🙂

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