‘Bargain’ Book Haul

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”How will you bring all these books back home? You will need a van to carry them!”

Said the receptionist this morning when,for the umpteenth time,I came to collect a book of mine.

Before I talk about the book haul,I should let you know that I was writing a review for The Inheritance of Loss,but as there is no auto-saver on the new WordPress editor,everything was gone when Windows restarted for an update.So bear a little longer for the review.

Back to the book haul.I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more books,but the ones I got since then were set at prices too good to ignore.With the exception of How the Mind Works,every other book was acquired at a price equal to or below £20.Given their size and condition,I reckon I made a bargain on all of them.(well,maybe not on The Devil’s Dictionary.)

Here are the books bought since last time:

1.Sylvia’s Lovers – Elizabeth Gaskell
Well,hours before buying it,I had no idea about this book.I saw a sealed Folio edition of This Side of Paradise on eBay at a bargain price and immediately bought it.I then looked for its reviews on goodreads and was disappointed to see that,since it was Fitzgerald’s early work,it was a far cry from The Great Gatsby.I wanted to ask for a refund,but I feared I would get a bad rating on eBay.I then deemed it good to search the seller’s other Folio books,and this is how I found Sylvia’s Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell.Its reviews on goodreads were convincing enough for me to pick it.It cost me £14.95.

2.Lost Illusions – Honore de Balzac
I saw this one sealed on eBay for £20.Given its condition,the price was just too good to be true.From what I understood on goodreads and Wikipedia,this book is a masterpiece and tends to be the favourite of quite a few people.I honestly think I made a bargain with this one,as you just don’t find a huge,sealed Folio book for that price.It comes from the same seller from whom I got a sealed Things Fall Apart for just £15!!

3.Don’t Look Now and Other Stories – Daphne du Maurier 
DSC_2044I bought it from the same seller who got me Lost Illusions.It too was sealed and at only £12.50 its reviews were taking a look at.Many people lavished praise on these novellas,calling Du Maurier a master at upholding suspense.To be honest,I really don’t know what to expect from it.I just hope I didn’t spend my money for nothing.

4.How the Mind Works – Steven Pinker 
DSC_2047This book has long been on wish list on the Folio website.It was terribly expensive and I could only wish for a deep discount.Two years later,my wish was fulfilled; the book was discounted at 50% in the last week of the New Year Sale.Even at £27.47 (plus £5.25 for shipping),I wasted no time to buy it!! It was finally mine!! It is a very huge book,but I wish to read it so as to know more about things,as I’m very curious by nature.It was quite criticized upon its release,but even so,was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

5.The Devil’s Dictionary – Ambrose Bierce
DSC_2048There was nothing else that attracted me in the sale,so I decided to buy something a bit cheap.In the past I hesitated a lot to buy this book,but this time I didn’t flinch.I read reviews and decided it would be a nice addition to my collection.Every now and then,I might share a quote by Ambrose Bierce.By the way,this is a satirical work,in which Bierce gives witty definitions to some very utilized words.It cost me £15.95 (plus £5.25 for shipping).

6.Brothers Karamazov – Fyodor Dostoyevsky
DSC_2043I already own that book in Heritage Press edition,but since it is older than my parents,it might collapse whilst I’m reading it – I guess I will only expose it.To be safe,I opted to buy a Folio edition of the book -I read Anna Karenina in Folio and adored it; that’s why I so wanted Dostoyevsky’s novel from the same publisher.I stumbled upon one copy on eBay,but it was priced at £75!!! I tried looking for more copies,but there were none; the only copies I found belonged to a very old Folio edition.Some days later,somebody on a Folio Society forum told us about ‘bookfinder.com’,a pretty helpful search engine for books that searches through AbeBooks,Amazon and eBay.I used the site and looked for The Brothers Karamazov in Folio.I was lucky to find one that was in fine and unread condition.The price was incredible: £18,shipping included.If you saw the condition and size of that book,you would never believe it!

That’s it for my bargains! In the days to come,I might buy The Mandarins by Simone de Beauvoir and maybe,maybe,The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.

I hope you like my pictures;I took them with my tripod and remote.I barely have any space in my accommodation,so I could not find a good,plain background.That’s why I suggest you only focus on the books and disregard anything else. 🙂


22 thoughts on “‘Bargain’ Book Haul”

  1. Do you buy books and then if you have money left over, you buy food? 😉

    I loved all these editions! You must have an amazing collection by now. I’ve been planning to read Lost Illusions for years but I have kind of forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Haha,I’ve bought so many books lately that I was thinking the same thing this morning!! I didn’t dare to check the amount left on my credit card,as I don’t want to be shocked! If it happens that there is barely no money left on it,I will have only 1 meal per day (luckily I have a meal plan already paid for) until my father sends me money! I will grow very thin by then!

      I’m glad you like the books!! 😀
      I love sharing pics on this blog,as I reckon that only bookworms can know their value!! And yep,Lost Illusions,according to many,is a must-read.It got really good ratings on goodreads!

    1. Thanks,thanks!! 🙂
      I’m always glad when someone shares his/her appreciation of these books;it means I’m not some kind of weirdo,haha.

      I sure will buy The Mandarins.I saw it won the most prestigious French literary prize upon its release! There is an unread Folio edition on eBay currently on auction.There has been no bid so far and tomorrow is the last day,so hopefully I’ll get it for peanuts if I place my bid in the dying minutes!! *Touch wood*

    1. Thank you!! 😀
      I’m glad you love them! And they were great finds indeed,given what I paid for them! All of this wouldn’t have happened had I not been in the UK! 🙂

    1. Ideally that would be great!!
      If I had the means,it’s definitely what I would have done!!

      I hope you’ll receive your copy of The Trial soon! I have no qualm that you’ll find something inspiring in the story,but given its a Folio book,I hope you’ll like the feel of it,the illustrations and the introduction. 🙂

    1. If you want a sealed Folio edition of the book for just £10,I can lead you to an eBay seller who offers free shipping. 🙂
      It is much cheaper than what I paid for from the Folio Society.

      1. That’s very kind. I have gone crazy with books recently. I barely even have space for the ones I have been buying at the moment. I’m actually reading one of the books you have quoted on your blog.

      2. Haha,I too don’t have any space for my books.Those that didn’t found a place on the shelves are piled onto one another!

        And which book is that you’re reading?

      3. Oh,you mean The Trial?
        If that’s the case,then you’re in for a superb read.It is very intense and very straightforward.At the end,it will change your outlook on certain things; we’re just like K,in reality. 🙂

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