Reading Society Gone Missing

Believe it or not,there is no reading society in my university!

Everybody who knows how much I love reading told me,before my departure,that I was going to have a great time with the different societies there.They even warned me against spending too much of my time with the various activities proposed.

But when I went to the Fresher’s Fair of the first week,there was no reading or literature society.Nothing.I thought that the society might not have been able to book a table,so I went onto the university’s site for societies and started looking for one which would fit my interests.There was a glimpse of hope when I found the ‘Comparative Literature Society’,but I was soon dismayed upon learning that its Facebook page has been inactive for more than 1 year.When I inquired about its existence ,I was told that the students who used to be in charge of it are no longer at the university.I was even invited to create my own reading society.Obviously I declined – I don’t see myself trying to invite uninterested people to join a society that functions purely on the passion of its members.

As there is a pressing need for me to join a society – I have a placement year in 2016 and need something on my CV – I guess I will join something I don’t really care about.The lack of such an important and integral society at my university inspires only a certain feeling in me,which is best represented by the picture of this monkey (Jeff Panacloc’s Jean-Marc):

Jean-Marc de Jeff Panacloc

6 thoughts on “Reading Society Gone Missing”

  1. Have you thought about putting a notice on the student union board to see if there is interest in a book club. Calling it a reading society could put people off – it sounds like work

    1. Haha,I haven’t thought about that.
      I must see email them and ask them to do their best to create a book club.

      But nonetheless I’m pretty skeptical about the chances of this being a success.People nowadays have such poor literary culture.Some even boast about not having read one novel in their lives………

  2. I say make inquiries and set one up yourself! Obviously there used to be one, and a culture for one, the last club didn’t end because there was no interest, it ended because the students who ran it graduated. See if a member of the faculty in the English Dept. will help, as that way it will keep going! Be the change you want to see, and all that jazz!!

    1. Haha,the problem is I’m already in the volunteering society now.Maybe next year I might create it.
      But even if I do create it now,I bet there won’t be many members.People are not that fond of books anymore…..

      1. Aaa, well good 🙂 Problem with potential readers is that you have to drag them away from their homes and give them book and tell them to read it and then they’ll maybe become readers haha

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