Side Note #2

Hi all,

I’ve reached Canterbury today,and tomorrow I’ll be,once again,thrust into the routine of attending lectures,finding food,and submitting homework before the deadline.

I had a really good time these past 4 weeks,blogging and catching up with you all.I rediscovered the joy of blogging,and in interacting with you,I found out that appearances are deceptive.I am not a lost specimen;there are others like me,and though I can’t find them near me in this physical world,I can meet and draw inspiration from them on the web.

I guess I badly needed to make such a realization.Unconsciously,feeling that my loneliness was hopeless,I withdrew into myself.I reckon that nothing good can result from such a state of mind,so I’m thankful that now,when I will be wandering by myself on campus or in the city centre,I’ll know that I’m not really alone.

Thank you infinitely. 🙂

I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog as much as I did lately,hence this post,which in fact was supposed to be written before my arrival; I just didn’t have the time.

Finally I have created a personal blog at .I want to make eyeoflynx more book-oriented,so everything revolving around my life will be from now on on the other site.There’s no obligation to follow me there; I’m just letting you know,that’s all.Also the blog is still at a nascent state,so please bear with me – I haven’t yet decided on the fonts and theme to be used.

Wishing you all a nice day/evening,



12 thoughts on “Side Note #2”

  1. What a beautiful deeply personal post! I love this kind and I think I will love your new blog a lot. By the way, the link isn’t working, but I was able to find the blog after all…

    1. Thank you for drawing my attention to the link!
      Otherwise I wouldn’t have known!

      I’m glad you like this post.I think it is important to tell people how they make you feel.I wanted to thank all of the bloggers – you included,of course – who made these past 4 weeks hard to forget…

      As for my other blog,I’ll try to meet your expectations! 😉

      1. Yes. It is more important to tell people how you feel about them than I originally thought. I’m finding this out myself recently too. And the blogging community in particular turned out to be more important and more wholesome than I ever suspected. I made best friends online and I’m happy to see that you share this experience!

  2. I’m so glad that you’ve been refreshed and revitalized by us all! 🙂 I hope your next semester is 100 times better than your first, and that you find some physical (as opposed to internet) kindred spirits on your journey!

    All the best,
    ~ Cleo ~

    1. Blogging and interacting with others has sure warmed me a lot,for my feelings were like frozen!
      The timetable for this semester has expanded considerably,but still,I’ll do my best to do something different! As you said,hopefully I’ll meet some great people!

      As always thanks a lot for commenting!
      I commented on two of your posts lately.I hope you got them!!

  3. I’m really glad that the blogging community helped you to feel better. I started my blog a few weeks ago and I’ve already found a lot of great people who share my same interests so I can really relate to what you say. Best of luck for your new blog!

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      Who would have the blogging community could be like that! I started this blog (eyeoflynx) with no particular goal,but I bonded with people and shared so much with them!

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