A Look Back at 2014(Part 2): Uni Life,Blogging and Bloggers

Uni Life:

I couldn’t make it to any American university,despite spending the last days of 2013 writing my applications.I didn’t have the extra curricular activities required.Or put it simply,I just wasn’t good enough.I’m not one of the top minds of my generation; I’m just average,or below maybe.

So I ended up in the University of Kent.Well,yeah,I had quite some choices,but I (or my parents) opted for Kent because of the year in industry inclusive in my course.Gutted as I was at not being granted a seat in a top American university,being offered a seat in a British university meant little to me.I went there with little expectations.

But I was proved wrong.The university campus is pretty big and I’m just in love with Canterbury’s landscape.I like the politeness of the people and the value for money you get for mostly everything.I couldn’t stop ordering things there,and the receptionists at my accommodation don’t even require me to produce my identity card as they already know my name by heart.It’s always something like: ”Oh it’s you!”, ”It’s parcel time!” or ”What do you order???” At first I said ‘books’. ”For study?”,’Yeah.”  – I sounded like an angel.

I took some time before settling in at university.For two months,I spent my week-ends at the shopping centre and slept at 2 in the morning.I did my homework on the day before the deadline and woke up only to go to lectures.Worst of all,I didn’t have time to read.Well,my life was a mess.

Things are a lot better now.I sleep at 11,wake up early (at 9:30),contact my lecturers when need be and stay on campus during the week-ends so as to revise and work on my assignments.I also have time to read.Next year,I plan to participate in volunteering activities more and I hope I’ll come up with something great for the forthcoming Enterprise Challenge; I have to make a remarkable pitch interview.

I also witness or experience some funny or peculiar moments on campus,and I wish to share them with you.That’s why I’m thinking of creating a personal blog which will follow my life in university! I hope you’ll like it. 🙂
I didn’t blog as much as I wished this year.I was a bit depressed during the first weeks of my university life.Then I was overwhelmed with work and was too exhausted during my free time to write something interesting enough to catch your attention.But I’m happy with my posts.My reviews are how I want them to be; compared with my reviews of earlier days,they are pretty well written,I think.

Also I wrote some interesting posts,like the one with the epitaphs or the one about the Nobel Prize.By interesting,I mean I learned a lot while writing them.I hope you did too when reading them.In 2015,I want to write way more posts though.

It was fun taking part in the Top Ten Tuesday.I met some great bloggers whose opinions on books I want or apprehend to read were very helpful.I’m glad as well that I was able to keep in touch with bloggers I met in late 2014.Their opinions on my posts are very precious to me,as they themselves read a lot and are highly knowledgeable.I regard them as my friends.Also I occasionally look for new bloggers on wordpress.People fond of reading classics or award-winning books are pretty rare,so I’m always delighted whenever I stumble upon one.

Despite all these positive points,I regret being rash.I try my best to avoid having regrets,but I end up acting the wrong way…sometimes.No one but a once-close blogger of mine will understand this – well,I hope.




31 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2014(Part 2): Uni Life,Blogging and Bloggers”

  1. I’m very happy to read about your university experience, I was curious about it for many reasons! It’s great that you’re doing good now, and it’s perfect news that you’ll have a personal blog now too. Cheers to the new year and new and better beginnings!

    1. It’s only now that I’m writing about all this.
      For the three months I was there,I didn’t even take my camera out.I was a bit depressed at first and then very,very busy.
      But I’ve lived and seen so much that I feel the need to share!! Hopefully,the blog will be ready very soon!

      By the way,is there any particular Folio book you’d like to own? And don’t say no,please.Out of more than 50 books,there must be at least one appealing to you! 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t presume to know how you feel, but I can imagine the transition to university must have been a shock. Even if the transition goes relatively well. I can remember how incredibly hard it was for me. You are quick to cope though, three month’s time is a short space with a change so large.

        As a person who loves the academic environment and loves Britain, I am naturally very eager to read about your personal experience. And maybe see some photos from the campus too, now that you have unpacked your camera!

        Oh of course that I find a number of Folio books appealing! I almost bought Kafka’s The Trial the other day… I know you have America by Kafka, have you got other books? Maybe The Castle? I can’t recall now…

      2. Haha,there’s no way I’d suggest Amerika.It was the first novel of Kafka and many things were lacking.The Trial was incredible and The Castle wasn’t that bad – the fact that it doesn’t have a proper ending can’t go unnoticed though.Kafka’s literature is pretty unique and the fact that he didn’t have the time to polish over things somehow detracts a certain beauty from his stories.I mean,people read Kafka because of the meaning,the message,and not really for the language or techniques.But you see,if you insist with Kafka,so be it! 😉

        If I had suggestions,I’d say:
        Anna Karenina
        Lord of the Flies
        Master and Margarita (Very limited on stock)
        Midnight’s Children
        Breakfast at Tiffany’s
        Animal Farm
        Brave New World
        Slaughterhouse Five

        And among those I don’t have:
        Handmaid’s Tale
        Pride and Prejudice
        Eugene Onegin
        Fahrenheit 451
        Heart of Darkness
        A Clockwork Orange
        Sons and Lovers
        Great Gatsby
        Catch 22

        But you decide!! There are also non-fiction books in which I have no interest.So I can’t really suggest any of these to you!

        And you’ve read way more books than me,so you should know better! 😉

      3. Ha! I just found your response to my previous comment… I’ve been so terrible with missing comments recently. I hate it. But — thank you for your suggestions. Yes, Kafka it is, but I must with much shame admit that I haven’t even read 1984 yet and don’t own the book. So this would be my second choice 😉 You constantly remind me that I should read more classics and venture beyond the rather narrow limits of my professional interest in 20th-century Scottish fiction. Thank you for this.

      4. Oh,I’m sorry to hear that.I didn’t expect such news.
        But you’re pretty young and if you’re worrying about love,I bet you’ll have many suitors in the years to come.But I know girls who are in no hurry to find boyfriends/husbands and who just live life by visiting countries.Either of those will make you happy,I’m sure.

        And I applaud – see my comment on your post – your decision even more.For me that’s exactly what people should do: move on when it’s not working.It sure is gratifying to finally see an independent woman after a long time,even though I’m sorry your marriage came to an end – lest it’s a temporary separation,in which case my much of this comment won’t make much sense. 🙂

        And the start of a new adventure in your life is an even better excuse for me to gift a Folio book of your choice. 🙂

      5. Oh my, thank you very much for this encouraging comment! It means a lot. I’m not worried about love. Actually, I am in love with another person, which I assume is deplorable, considering the situation. But let’s not talk about me on your blog; I just felt I needed to point out my obvious shortcomings and warn you how undeserving I am! You’ve been kind to me.

      6. I hold no judgement on you! As long as you’re happy and hurting no one,I guess it’s fine. 🙂

        And I shouldn’t insist any further with the book,lest I look like a freak! 😉

      7. I am hugely impressed. Thank your for not judging, that’s not a little! Of course I want the book if you want to give it to me! But also of course think of what you’d like to have in return 😉

      8. Haha,alright then.
        It’s the Trial,you want right?
        You can still check the site out and see if there’s another book you’d like to own.I’m saying this because The Trial is bound in paper,while the other books are bound in cloth or buckram! 🙂
        I mean,I don’t want you to be disappointed with the first Folio book you’ll own!

      9. Ah, thank you for the advice! Well, I did check, but I still would like The Trial, if I may, I don’t mind paperbacks and I have a habit of wrapping my books in foil for protection… 😉

      10. Sure!! 🙂
        There’s one slight problem though.You’ll have to give me your address.
        And your name? Or do you think ”Mara Eastern” will do?
        I mean postmen deliver things according to the address,not the name,right?

      11. That’s no problem, of course you’ll need my address and name. I don’t have my new address as yet, but I think it can wait a few weeks? 😉 I’d like to use my new address after I’ve moved, which I hope to be by February the latest. I’ll email you when I have the info; and you should email me what you’d like in return! Any ideas? And thank you!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better! Perhaps you ended up in the best place for you. Just to share my experience, I took two MOOCs course this year (one through Wellesley college and one through Georgetown University) and while they were mildly interesting, they didn’t come close to the quality of the ones I’ve taken at Canadian Universities. I’m going to try a couple of UK MOOCs courses in 2015 —- I’ve heard they are excellent.

    The first year of university always comes with a learning curve and I can’t imagine facing that curve and then being so far from home, like you are. It’s wonderful that you’ve settled now and have things to look forward to. All the best in 2015!

    1. You’re right!
      I think Kent is the right place for me! Though I barely have any friend,I’m having a great time there.I’ve discovered another facet of maths and the lecturers are very helpful,a far cry from the rigid teachers in my country. 🙂

      I think people look down on British universities too much.I don’t know if American universities are any better,but not all people I see in Kent are idiots.Some are really,really smart.

      Finally,thanks for your support for 2014!! When I was feeling a bit alone,it was great to read your comments and,as always,your posts are really insightful.You’re the only one blogger who’s bold enough to tackle many intimidating classics at once!

      I’d like to comment more,so I might join Bloglovin – I heard it’s a great way to keep in touch even with people on blogspot! 🙂

      Have a Happy New Year!! 🙂

      1. I’ll let you know what I think when I take the UK courses. I have one out of the Universities of Birmingham, Southampton, Leicester and Newcastle University if I decide to take all the courses. That should take me until the end of June.

        I know in Canada we have good universities. In the U.S. students need to get into a “good” university but here they are pretty good across the board. My brother-in-law and his friend went to university here and when they went down to the States to do their exam to get into medical school there, they both placed in the 95th percentile.

        Thanks so much for your kind words. I can imagine how hard it would be to try to fit in and adjust somewhere that is unfamiliar both physically and culturally. I’m glad that you’re finding your niche!

  3. Haha, I loved the part about the receptionists! You must have been their favourite student! 😀
    I’m glad to hear that you’re finally starting to feel at home in Kent. Both university and blogging are time consuming activities, so you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for not being able to do as much as before. I, too, feel that by writing “interesting posts” it is actually the writer who learns and benefits the most. One of my goals for next year is to make sure I’ll make the effort to also write those posts.
    Happy New Year!

    1. I’m sure you will.
      I picture you as a serious person who gets everything right and who never errs!

      And as for the receptionists,haha,they’ve never had someone who orders so many things!

      1. Haha, sorry to crash you idea but that’s not me 😀
        My problem is that I’m overly careful and a bit timid, so I often tend to remain silent instead of opening my mouth or writing a post about things that might be controversial. But I do want to be more relaxed and write more about things that I feel I have something to say about – whether it be an unpopular opinion or not.

  4. How nice to hear that you are happy where you are 🙂 I am currently awaiting the results of my college applications here in the Philippines. It’s very scary. I am somewhat comforted by your positive position.
    I don’t think being “one of the top minds of our generation” is a pre-destined thing, people come up with brilliant things, and then someone comes up with something brilliant-er. Just do what you do, stay with it, work hard, something good will come out of it 😀

    1. That’s great! You applying in the US or UK? Or in your country itself?
      I’m sure everything will be fine! By the look of your blog,I deduce you’re a smart girl.

      And you’re right about the top minds. 🙂
      There is no prerequisite for success except hardwork and conviction.Hopefully I’ll be able to do a ‘thing’ during my time at university!! 🙂

  5. Yay a second blog! ^^
    Hmmm I didn’t even know you wanted to US to study (or maybe it’s my selective, good but short memory again). I think it’s somehow much more “cool” and prestigious to study in Britain! And University of Kent! All the British people and culture and everything! 🙂 Glad you are doing better 🙂 studying is hectic sometimes.

    It’s been fantastic to have read your blog, you write well and you have a bit different, deeper approach on books. Live without regrets, we’re all only humans after all.

    1. Haha,thanks!
      I’m happy with where I landed though.Canterbury is so beautiful and I can cope with the level at the university.

      It’s great to discover a new culture and be in awe of the landscapes.I’m curious how Finland is.I hope one day I’ll be able to visit it.People there are supposedly way happier! (I kid you not,I saw this on various threads,posts and articles!!)

      And finally,thanks a lot for your appreciation.I try to do my best to make someone want to read a book.That’s why I try to pay as much attention as possible to the words I use.Without people like you showing interest in my articles,this blog would be long dead.

      1. 🙂 Middle-Finland has beautiful lakes and forest. Southern Finland has sea and lots of history. Lapland, is overrated, don’t go there
        I remember those studies, there was a lot of conversation about them here. Some argued how Finland indeed is the happiest place on earth…just not for Finns.

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