Side Note!

Hi all!

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.I’ve been really,really busy these days and,even when I had some free time,I was just too tired to write something,hence the lack of reviews for the months of October and onwards.

Well,we are nearing the end,as only 5 school days are left before I’m on holiday.I’ll be heading back to my country and will try my best to catch up with you all and write some reviews.

I’ve also turned my life around lately,and I no longer sleep at 2; I make it a point to go to bed at 11 something and read a book for at least 15 minutes.After indulging in 4 short stories from Gabriel Garcia Marquez,I wanted to read something new and refreshing,so I picked Munro’s ‘Too Much Happiness’ again,and started reading the story I left the book at.This time I see myself appreciating her lyricism and style more; I’ve read 2 stories since I started re-reading the book and the two of them just stunned and moved me.Needless to say reading Munro during the night has become one of my favourite moments of the day.Yesterday itself,although I had a crucial test on the following morning,I couldn’t refrainfrom finishing ‘Face’,a very touching and – as with anything from Munro – very compelling story.I’m sure that 100 years after her death,people will speak of her in the same we’re speaking about Chekov now.

I’m also writing a review for ‘Waiting for Godot’,but I’m taking all my time and rephrasing things here and there,because I want the review to be good; I want it to convey the genius of Beckett and encourage people to give his magnificent play a chance.

Well,that’s all! I’ll end this post with two pictures of all the books I bought during my 3 months in England.If you wish to know why I bought any of them,feel free to comment. 🙂
Note: Click on the pictures for better resolution.They inevitably lose some definition when uploaded in a post….

DSC_1830 DSC_1833


13 thoughts on “Side Note!”

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it!
      It is my first and only Franklin library edition.They are rather rare in England as Franklin Library used to be an American company.

      If I like the book well enough,I might buy the Folio edition which is illustrated by none other than Quentin Blake!

      And yep,I bought Schindler’s Ark for less than £20!! 😀
      I needed it for my collection of Booker Nominees & Winners in Folio editions.Many people have lavished praise on it,and I’m really looking forward to read it.This book and The True Life of Ned Kelly are the only non-fictional ones to have won the Booker Prize.So they must be really good!!

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a way to juggle some reading into your busy schedule. I’ve heard nothing but praise for Munro, so I guess I should really make it a priority to read something by her. What would you suggest?

    1. Oh you should definitely read Munro!!

      She is unbelievably good!! Luckily she is a prominent author,so you have a very wide range of collections to choose from.I’m reading ‘Too Much Happiness’,and you can start with it,if you want to.The stories are so honestly written,it’s baffling!! There’s a gentle lyricism accompanying all of her stories and I’m really impressed with her consistency; every story is as original,lyrical,detailed and haunting as the other.All in all,you just have to read her stories.She truly is great.

    1. I think it is a masterpiece in its own rights.I liked the techniques employed by Beckett: in many instances,you’ll see a symmetry between the dialogues of the two main characters.In ‘reading’ the play,you get to see how each and every word counts,and this,I reckon,helps keep the minimalism of the play.There’s also the recurring themes – memory loss,for instance – which show that the play is not at all banal.

      And I also liked the long bouts of silence which made the play look like a sort of abstract artistic performance.There’s also Lucky’s lines which might be among the hardest an actor had to memorize.

  2. 🙂 I’m so happy that the holidays aren’t far! And glad you found a way to sleep more, not sleeping makes me feel like madman after few weeks so it’s crazy. Love old version of Don Quixote

    1. I’m glad you like the Don Quixote book! It’s my first ever Franklin Library edition!
      And totally right;as a student,I feel that sleep might be the second most important thing after food!!! 😀

      1. I once made a drawing of updated version of Maslow’s pyramid. It had super fast internet, espresso, slaves, money and then creativity most up. All else is unneccessary 😀

    1. Ha,I’m glad you liked the books even though the picture is not as good on wordpress.
      I’m all the more glad because some people tend to make me feel guilty about buying these.
      And too bad you missed my Folio giveaway! But anyway,I’ll let you know when there’ll be the next one!

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