A Black Stormtrooper: Yes! A White Tiger Lily: No…

I saw over the net how outraged some Star Wars fans were at the sight of a – first ever? – Black Stormtrooper.Such a Stormtrooper is totally acceptable.Check this link out if you have some doubts.

On the other hand,I really don’t understand how on earth the Princess of a Native Indian tribe can be White.I’m a huge,huge fan of Peter Pan,but was completely disappointed with the trailer of the upcoming movie ‘Pan’.I read some months ago that Rooney Mara would be Tiger Lily,but even so,I guess I wasn’t prepared to see her in a Native Indian outfit.I love the actress and think she is hugely talented,but she simply is not cut for Tiger Lily.Honestly she looked more like a young girl dressed up for Halloween.So,how can you expect me to take the movie seriously?

It makes no sense that Rooney Mara was cast as Tiger Lily,the more so when we consider that Hugh Jackman and Levi Miller were taken partly because of their actual resemblance with their respective characters.Also why exactly was Cara Delevingne given the role of one of the mermaids? For the sake of a cameo? I feel that the directors are taking too much freedom with the movie.But then,maybe that’s what they were set to do right at the start.

Well,the movie clearly takes a new direction from the original story,so I doubt I’ll watch it.It is obvious that the target audience is very young people who just want to have a great time on a day out.But I doubt that Peter Pan fans,if taking the movie seriously and wishing to find the same pathos of the story in the movie,will like it.The movie just seems way too commercial….like so many others.

– I forgot to say that the Peter Pan and Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time are easier to believe in,even if the series doesn’t follow the actual storyline.


1 thought on “A Black Stormtrooper: Yes! A White Tiger Lily: No…”

  1. I actually only just found out about Rooney Mara playing Tiger Lily, and I was also struck by the contrast to the reaction to the Star Wars trailer. To be honest, I’m in the camp that finds Peter Pan itself pretty inexcusable race-wise, but this certainly isn’t helping matters. I’m saving most of my annoyance for Exodus, which has a pretty much entirely white cast playing people from North Africa and the Middle East.

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