And the Winner is …..

Click for link.

As I said previously,the draw would take place on the well-known!

Numbers from 1 and 11 were entered and it was number 1 that came out! So congrats to raaziarafeek who just won,as per her choice,a Folio copy of Fahrenheit 451!

I hope those who didn’t win were not disappointed,especially since some of them are wonderful bloggers I’ve had a great time with! Besides,there will be another Folio giveaway coming in June/August.I might as well host a different type of giveaway by then,so don’t worry; you will have plenty of opportunities to try your luck out…

Also,through this giveaway I wanted to thank everybody (even those who didn’t participate) I met on wordpress and who,one way or another,contributed to making my blogging experience really fun and insightful.So,thank you all!! 😀

P.S: As opposed to what some might think,I didn’t host the giveaway to gain more traffic or whatsoever. 🙂


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