3 Love Quotes You Need to Know

I often cite The Unbearable Lightness of Being among the most influential books I have read.There is one sentence in particular in that book that has remained stuck in my mind: ‘Kitsch is the denial of shit in our life.’

According to Milan Kundera,man possesses that impulse of idealizing everything to the point of (almost) completely overlooking the ugly side of the picture;we always believe that everything will be alright,for instance.This peculiar outlook of his has rubbed off on me,as,ever since I read the book,I tend to be more aware of the moments when we let ourselves carried away by Kitsch.

I reckon that love is perhaps the state where we are most intoxicated with hope and the promises of our dreams.To prove my point,I will share with you three Kitsch-free love quotes that are of such crude realism that they will most probably ring a chord in you – well,I hope.

1. The one you love and the one who loves you are never the same person – Chuck Palahniuk

If Tyler Durden were to say something on love,that would be it.Personally,I think Palahniuk is somehow right.In a relationship,there’s the one who instantly falls in love and then,there’s the other one who learns to love his/her partner.I don’t think there exists a relationship whereby the two people have fallen in love with each other at the same moment.Or simply put,in a relationship,if there’s any love left,there is always someone who loves the other more.

2.If two people love each other,there can be no happy end to it – Ernest Hemingway

This quote correlates with the one above.Hemingway implies that although there might be love on both sides,it will rarely be ‘fifty-fifty’.But even when the equation is perfect,there is still a downside: unless they both die together,one partner will have to live some part of his/her life without the other one.

3.There is love,of course.Then there’s life,its enemy – Jean Anouilh

”Il y a l’amour…Et puis il y a la vie,son ennemie.” It sounds more poignant in French.Anyway,this quote sure does not leave me indifferent.I think that the love between some couples who eventually split was genuine,but they just could not deal with life’s demands.I opine that pure,deep love as we see in fairy tales or movies does exist.However life in such stories is a far cry from that in the real world; as much as life is love’s best friend in rosy fiction, it truly is its enemy in the world we live in.

That’s all.I know quite a few bloggers who might be reading this and who happen to be happily married or in a relationship.So I’m expecting some criticism for this post.But I had to write about this topic,because it was roaming around my head for too long.

And just saying,I was in a great mood when writing this and have nothing against people engaged in relationships – I’m not a bitter guy,haha.At some point in my life,I guess I will eventually be hanging around with a girl.I just wrote this to show how some authors unknowingly endorsed Kundera’s philosophy and that love is not ‘all sunshine and rainbows’.


8 thoughts on “3 Love Quotes You Need to Know”

  1. I love this post, actually, because it made me think. I don’t know if I agree with all of it, but some of it certainly seems to be true. I agree with the last quote the most, I think. I have to think about this some more.

    1. Oh yes! You do not need to agree with everything they said.
      I just wrote this post so as to prompt people to think in a different fashion!
      Thanks for commenting and I’m certainly glad that this post made you think a little! 😉

  2. It’s pretty intriguing, this kitsch thing – and I guess carried-away-ness is something people do need to be aware of to stop falling into potholes all the time. Thing is, it’s quite alright to be in denial of the shit in your life – regardless you will fall into potholes sooner or later. Hmm…I don’t know, I guess, if an awareness of everything that’s going on in your life does help you out in the long run.

    1. I think kitsch,simply put,is hope.
      If there were no hope,there’d be no progress.If people in suburbs ceased dreaming of becoming footballers or NBA players,then there’d be no Zidane,Ronaldo or Jordan.
      But I do think a little realism in our life is necessary.For instance dreaming alone won’t lead us to anywhere; we must be aware that only hard work and a particular lifestyle will help us actualize our dreams.

  3. Usually people have this funny little picture in their heads of what love is. And I don’t really get the people who watch bunch of romantic movies and tell then that it’s “forever”: I like authors who know how to be realistic also. Nice post

    “All human destiny is this dilemma. This dilemma, destruction or salvation, no fate proposes more inexorably than love. Love is life, if it is not death” -Les Mis

    1. Haha…you’re right about these romantic movies! 😉
      And I’m also that you deemed my post ‘nice’! 😀

      And great quote from Les Mis.Thanks for sharing it,as I doubt I will ever read the book one day!!

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