(Some) Books at Bargain Prices

I’m maybe stating the obvious,but I thought about sharing this ‘tip’ with you.

Go to:
– Amazon.co.uk
– Today’s Deals
– Books
– Just below the list of authors,click see more.
– Under Great Deals in Books: 60% Off click see more again.
– Look for or enter the name of an author to see if there is any of his/her books at bargain prices.

To be honest,most of the books in that list are not that great.You will also note that some are in a foreign language.Nonetheless if you are patient enough,you can find some real bargains.I bought 4 books from Gabriel Garcia Marquez at some really good prices; the cheapest one was £1.74 while the most expensive one was £3.88.

If you’re interested in any of those discounted books,be aware that they won’t be at this price forever.Some weeks ago,I saw Leaf Storm from Marquez set at £1 something,but I waited too long before buying it; in one or two weeks’ time,it was back to its original price…


Tell me what you think! :)

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