Short Note

Ok,this is a quick notice.

I’m not going to post anytime soon.I feel quite homesick and cannot write or read in this state.Besides my head is hurting as a result of the neighbours’ constant partying and the ‘cold’ weather.

See you soon,



13 thoughts on “Short Note”

  1. We’ll be here. And don’t even dare to not come back!
    Because this is one of my most favorite book blogs here and what happens to it if you don’t post anytime soon… o.o I will deprived… o.o of reading blog…I might get side effects! O.O

    Anyways, get well soon!
    (= destroy the music equipment of your neighbors, sneakily make them read more and befriend them in the process of that and kick the cold weather back it where belongs…which is not here in case you guessed wrong…but hmm say Sweden :D)

    1. Thanks for the lovely words! I sure felt better when I read your post! πŸ™‚
      And it did help me not to feel too depressed!
      Haha,the neighbours are….well cold and very disrespectful when drunk…

      1. Good πŸ™‚ little depression helps being creative but too much of it kills it. Anyways don’t be depressed.
        Hope the situation gets better

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