End of Gap Year.


Tomorrow I’ll be flying off to Kent,so today somehow marks the end of my gap year which began in September 2013,when I was supposed to head to university like the others of my age.

I think that,no matter what happens in the future,this gap year will forever be the most important part of my life.For it was in its midst that I set up this blog to which I surprisingly find myself attached.What began as a project has eventually become my own space where I can write whatever I want.The blog also saw a striking improvement in my writing and appreciation of books.At school,I studied English as any other subject and was never encouraged to take liberties with it.Here I can experiment with different structures and syntaxes without having to worry about grades.Likewise I read introductions of books and other book-related articles only because I like to,not because I have to.In this light,this blog has really helped me to come out of my shell.

I’ve also come across some awesome people from countries I have only seen on miniature globes: Finland,England (although I’ve been there once),Czech Republic,and India among many others.Each person I’ve met have his/her own peculiarities and gave me a glimpse of how life is abroad.In the process they’ve rekindled my desire to leave my country which is ages behind,both in terms of mentality and infrastructures.Most importantly these individuals showed me that the world is not as hopeless as it seems.Living in a country where most people don’t know who Roal Dahl,Dostoevsky and Tolstoy are,I thought it was rare to stumble upon people with a high reading culture,but was obviously mistaken.It took some time before I found these bloggers,but,once I did,I learned a fair deal from them.

The gap year was also the one when I fell in love again with literature.There are simply too many incredible books that I’ve read to list,as each is as unforgettable as the other.Such books have also changed my outlook on life; To Kill a Mockingbird has made me more empathic than ever while Kafka’s spite for bureaucracy seems to have rubbed off on me.I will also not forget the teachings of Milan Kundera in The Unbearable Lightness of Being – ”Kitsch is the denial of shit in our life.” – or the idea that ”life is a carpet” from Of Human Bondage.I was very fortunate to discover the Folio Society,of which I’m now a member.Besides giving classics the treatment they deserve,they have introduced me to a myriad of classics and authors very often overlooked.For an art-enthusiast like me their books are an absolute delight to read,and I now own about 40 Folio books sitting on my shelves.

And how can I not mention Anna Karenina and Breaking Bad,arguably the best book of all time and the best TV show ever respectively? Reading Tolstoy’s book was a blissful experience.Each page was absolute perfection and reading it fed my aesthetic soul.Breaking Bad,so to say,is the Anna Karenina of TV.Everything was done to perfection; the actors couldn’t be better,the scenes were wonderfully shot and the writing was always ingenuous.In Walter White I saw somebody who built an ’empire’ – you’d understand the reference if you watched it – out of sheer passion and determination,and in that respect,is truly an inspiring individual.I have no qualms about saying that reading Anna Karenina and watching Breaking Bad are among the very best moments of my life.Borges is another fascinating person whose stories repeatedly blew my mind off.He showed me how to see,think and even imagine differently.

On the eve of my departure I am exactly like I planned one year ago – my lack of maturity and indecisiveness were among the many factors which prompted me to skip a year.To make the best of my university days I reckoned that I should be not only an accomplished student ready to study relentlessly,but rather an individual with the right outlook on life and values who knows exactly what to do and where to go.As I take a step towards a new phase of my life,I hope I was right to take a gap year.


11 thoughts on “End of Gap Year.”

  1. Good luck with your university studies! It seems that the gap year has truly offered you some well-deserved time to discover your passions and try out different things. Beginning your studies – and moving to a different country! – is a new chapter, and I hope that you will continue to write your amazing blog! I also hope that one year from now you’ll look at this post and still remember that feeling 🙂

    1. Indeed the gap year has really changed me.I never thought that one could change so much in a single year!
      Thanks a lot for the wishes,and I’ll try to do my best to post regularly! 🙂

  2. I think gap years are wonderful things. The life we live nowadays is so fast and full of busyness that people rarely get time to be still, to examine themselves, to live a real life, to ask questions ……. Taking time off allows that, and you seem to have used your time wisely. All the best as you start out on a new journey —– I hope it is fruitful and exciting!

    All the best!

    ~ Cleo ~

    1. Indeed the gap year has been very fruitful.Many people didn’t understand my decision and saw it as a waste of time,but I know how crucial it has been for my development.
      Thanks a lot for the wishes!! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh…I am both very nervous and VERY EXCITED for you! University huh? That’s a big leap (and I’m pretty sure you’ll excel in it!). I’m glad this gap year has taught you a lot, I love hearing about people leaving off to improve themselves (and it actually working.)
    But seriously though, it’s always a wonderful feeling to know that people all over the world are falling in love with literature. It makes the world a whole lot better, knowing people are learning from the masters and allowing it to influence them. Sometimes I think about the people who choose not to read as a hobby, and how different I am to them.
    And considering Breaking Bad…I’ve still to watch the show despite being told to go and do just that several times this past week. I have two guys in my class who are absolutely mad about the show, and they think that with it’s mix of action and science I’d love it… and I do want to watch it, but I’m afraid of getting too addicted to it (my final exams are this year, and I need whatever little time I have to study).

    Hopefully university life won’t keep you away from blogging! Here’s to hoping another year of success for you… 🙂

    1. Reading has changed me much.When I look back at how I was one year ago,I see an immature guy who would have fallen in a routine life at university days.Reading gives us that magic and empathy that are badly lacking in today’s life.

      And yes,you should definitely watch Breaking Bad someday – maybe during your next vacations?

      And I hope I’ll have enough time to keep on blogging regularly.I guess it will all boil to how effective I will be in managing my time.

      But honestly,thanks a lot for the wishes! 🙂

  4. Good luck with university! You are so close to London which is full of literary delights. I’m sure you will have an amazing time, I wish I took a gap year I think it would have made me appreciate the experience more!

    1. Haha,your notion of close is not the same as mine.On my island,you can take only 1 hr to go from extreme north to extreme south.Thus it always takes you less than 30 minutes to go to places here.
      London is some 1 hour and a half (or more) from Kent,so as a Mauritian I don’t see it as very close.But I’m really looking forward to visiting the capital,so I guess I’ll have to adapt! I will also save my money to visit the poet’s corner.

      And,thanks a lot for the wishes! 🙂

      1. Haha I guess it’s not that close but definitely worth many visits! I have never been to poet’s corner so would love to hear what you think when you do get the time to go and visit! I hope you are finding the transition good, I know how stressful it can be moving to a new country!

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