Book Haul

I wouldn’t call it a book-haul,but rather a catch-up of all the books I bought since July.

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Folio Society books from the Summer Sale.


Screwtape Letters was offered at half-price while a 30% discount was placed on a selection of children’s books including the Alice in Wonderland set and Charles Perrault’s Fairy Tales.Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales was also in that selection,but I didn’t have enough funds to buy it.I hope I will be able to acquire it soon,as I need it to complete my collection: besides the Perrault collection,I also have that of the Brothers Grimm,which I bought in February.
I’m particularly satisfied with my purchases as they all comprise the illustrations of their original artists; William ‘Bill’ Papas for Screwtape Letters,Edmond Dulac for Perrault’s Fairy Tales and John Tenniel for the Alice books.

Books from Bookdepository


Excluding Wonder,all books were bought from the bookdepository.The Sense of an Ending has been on my wish-list for quite a while and everybody who read it says it is very,very good.As for Shirley Jackson,I learnt that The Lottery is regarded as one of the best short stories ever and was quite surprised to see that her collection of stories is highly rated on goodreads.I bought it out of curiosity and so far – I’m nearing the end – the stories are excellent.I have been planning on reading Alice Munro since she won her Nobel Prize last year,but I kept putting off buying her books.I don’t know why I picked Too Much Happiness out of all her other collections.I guess it was the title.Oh,and Wonder,I bought it in my local bookshop because there was no other book I was interested in.

Books Bought Yesterday


My friend bought Beloved and The Old and the Sea for me as a farewell gift(Is that a farewell gift if I’m heading to university?).He is as fond of these Vintage covers as I,so he took me to a place where there was quite a good selection of these and told me to pick two.When I’ll be in the UK,I’ll try to buy more books of this edition.While roaming through the bookshop,I stumbled upon The Inheritance of Loss.It won the Booker Prize despite being a big outsider,so I’m quite curious to read it.I hope it’ll be a bit similar to The God of Small Things.In another bookshop,I also saw Jhumpha Lahiri’s The Interpreter of Maladies,but snubbed it,even though I will read it sooner or later.I wonder if I was right.


12 thoughts on “Book Haul”

  1. Great haul! The Inheritance of Loss is quite different to The God of Small Things, I think, but they are both wonderful novels. The Interpreter of Maladies – I’d go back and get it if I was you… 😉

    1. Believe me,it is very rare to see someone who has read one of these two books,let alone both!
      I hope I will like The Inheritance of Loss as much as The God of Small Things! The writing is very poetic and somehow whetting my appetite! 🙂

      And for The Interpreter of Maladies…..
      I’m having regrets now! If I go to the bookshop again,I will buy it.Otherwise I will have to buy it online.
      It sure looks like a very promising book!

  2. Great haul! I read the short story The Lottery in another collection it was unforgettable. I loved the Inheritance of Loss though it divided people I think. The sense of an Ending is a good novel but I wasn’t blown away by it. I hope you enjoy your books.

    1. The massive number of books you’ve read never fails to impress me.
      In Shirley Jackson’s collection,The Lottery is the last story,so I really can’t wait to finally read it.I’ve been careful to avoid spoilers on the net,so I’m sure I’ll be stunned! 😀
      As for The Inheritance of Loss,it really,really looks promising!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. I just started reading The Screwtape Letters too! I was a little leery about it at first because I had read that C. S. Lewis himself didn’t like writing it, but now I wished I had tried it sooner.

    1. It looks pretty fun to read with the illustrations!
      Many people rank it among their favourites,and I hope it’ll be the case for me too! 🙂
      Thanks a lot for commenting! 😉

  4. So jealous of your illustrated version of The Screwtape Letters. I own a non-illustrated version because the beautifully illustrated version I saw in the bookstore cost 30 dollars. You definitely have an eye for book covers.

    1. The Folio edition I bought was set at 32 pounds sterling!!
      However once it was discounted at half price,I wasted no time to buy it.In the end,its half-price (16 pounds+shipping) did cost me around 30 dollars.

      But it is definitely worth the money.The book is bound in buckram and is pretty large.And on the cover there’s a large picture of Screwtape.Also the illustrations inside are funny and it is great to see how Screwtape’s signature changes as his letters become more severe in tone.
      If you like the book,you can get the the Folio Society edition in second-hand online. 🙂

      Ah,I’m glad you say I have an eye for book covers. 😉

  5. I chose to read Too Much Happiness based on the title as well. I have also read a few of her other story collections, so they are all muddled up now, but I liked them all. I hope you enjoy it! I have The Inheritance of Loss, but haven’t read it yet. I was surprised by how much I liked Sense of An Ending. And, I just got Interpreter of Maladies this summer, but haven’t read it yet either. I hear it’s good! It was a no-brainer for me, though, because the store I got in from had it priced at $1 because of some water marks on it (at least I hope that’s what they are ;)).

    1. Yes,I as well hope for you that they are nothing but drops of water! 😉

      The Interpreter of Maladies looks very very good.I’m now having regrets that I didn’t buy it.I guess I will get once I get to the UK.

      I’m fond of short stories,and I just couldn’t not get Munro.I leafed through the book and her narrative is subtle and delicate.I’m really looking forward to reading more from her in the future!

      I have seldom heard a bad thing about The Sense of an Ending.It sounds great.It’s the next book on my list!

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