Happy Birthday 186th Birthday Leo Tolstoy!

I was reminded of Tolstoy’s birthday when I saw Google’s Doodle this morning.The Doodle is presented in the format of a slideshow and is as beautiful as it can get when it comes to honouring such a great man as the Russian.

Tolstoy remarkably lived up to his name when I read Anna Karenina – just see how many posts I’ve written about this book – and I’m now setting my eyes on War&Peace,which I wonder when I will have the time to read,now that my uni days are imminent.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 186th Birthday Leo Tolstoy!”

  1. It is good to have google to remind us about this important days, I learned about this through that Doodle too. Hope you will review War & Peace once you read it, looking forward to see what you think 🙂 Hmm Godspeed with the studies 😀

    1. Absolutely! I love google doodles because they remind us of many events and great persons we tend to forget.

      I hope I will have time to read War&Peace next year during my vacations! I will try to read it and convince you that Tolstoy is not as bad as you think! (I still think you should read Anna Karenina!!)

      And thank’s very much for the wishes! 😉

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