The Future Library Project: Atwood the First to Contribute!

Maybe you haven’t heard of this project yet.Katie Paterson,an award-winning artist,has set up a plan that will ensure the survival of hard-copy books and forests for the many years to come.Each year,from now on and until 2114,an author will be nominated by literary experts and Paterson herself to create a new work which will be sealed in a special library in Oslo and opened in 2114.Meanwhile some 1000 trees have been planted just outside the capital and are to be preserved for the upcoming 100 years,as they are going to be cut down to provide paper for the printing of these texts,so that they can finally be read by the future generation in 2114.

As you can infer from the title,Margaret Atwood has been selected for year 2014.She does not want to reveal anything from her new book and is very impressed by this project.I share her enthusiasm,even if it is quite depressing to know that I’ll never read all ”Atwoods”! Although she has been nominated solely on the basis of her talent,I think that in regard to her age as well,she is a particularly great choice.Therefore I hope the next authors selected will be more or less in the same age range as Atwood,such as Philip Roth,Alice Munro,A.S Byatt or Toni Morrison.

The work to be created can be anything,from a short story to an epic.The author is also free to write about anything he or she wants.


4 thoughts on “The Future Library Project: Atwood the First to Contribute!”

    1. Ah,Harper Lee’s name didn’t come to my mind!
      I doubt she will be selected though; she tacitly went into retirement shortly after writing To Kill a Mockingbird.

      Besides,I doubt she can still write.I read somewhere that she has grown pretty old and is nearly deaf and blind.Writing a novel or even a short story,thus,would be an exhausting task for the lady.It’s sad that she didn’t write anything more….

  1. Wow, this is really exciting news….yes, Atwood must be so very proud of herself! 2114! That’s as close to immortality as you’re ever going to get! Hmm, I was thinking Toni Morrison too…

    Great way to preserve print books, and I like the idea of them planting trees just to print books for the library. Although, it’s kind of sad that the authors won’t live long enough to see the reaction readers have to their work a hundred years on. I guess you just have to be happy with at least having readers read your work…a hundred years on!

    1. Atwood said that the fact that authors won’t be there witness the reception of their works is somehow a boon in itself.Authors are freer to work with experimental themes and styles without fearing what the public might say.In fact their experimental works can as well please the readers of the future!

      But otherwise,you’re spot on! You said exactly what I thought upon learning of this project!

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