Leaked Pics of Celebs: A Thought.

I woke up today to learn that nude pics of some celebs have been leaked.Jennifer Lawrence had like 60 pics supposedly hacked! I was also reminded of the existence of Mary Elizabeth Winstead,who was my crush for some months last year.(I never saw her act though).

As much as I condemn the act of the hacker – I reckon he could have made better use of his talent; he could have been a sort of Walter White – I cannot feel any empathy for those celebrities.Unless I’m way off the mark,I doubt every girl and boy keeps nude pics of him/herself on his/her phone or laptop.Take Victoria Justice for example.She was unscathed by the leakage,because there was no nude pics to post.

Above all,I’m really glad I never looked up to these celebrities.These women who are vain and idiot enough to take multiple nude and sexual pics of themselves and store them online,all the while knowing that they can at any time fall prey to hackers,are a far cry from those I revere,namely Nellie Bly,Rosa Parks,Eleanor Roosevelt,or Elizabeth Fry. Although these ladies have long since departed from this world,I’m glad that their legacy is being upheld by such women as A.S Byatt, Alice Walker,Toni Morrison and NGozi Adichie,among so many others.These people show,in this pathetic world,that a woman has a lot more to offer than exhibitionism and narcissism; in them I see genius,strength,conviction and sheer elegance.


Tell me what you think! :)

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