Hello Belizean!

It so happened that I checked my blog’s stats today and learned that someone from Belize stumbled upon one of my posts! I’m pretty excited because yesterday I watched that episode in Breaking Bad in which Saul asks Walt why he doesn’t send Hank to Belize!

Being a huge fan of the show I was pleasantly surprised to see a Belizean in my stats! I didn’t even know that Belize was a country and thought it was spelt ”Balize” or ”Balise”.I think I maybe saw the Belizean flag in my stats in the past,but I didn’t pay it much attention as it didn’t mean anything to me at that time.

Well,here are some pictures from Belize I found on the net.I don’t think the country is paradise (google my country and you’d think it’s a dream island!),but it sure has some gorgeous beaches,just as mine does!


14 thoughts on “Hello Belizean!”

    1. Haha,yeah!
      But Walter doesn’t mean the actual Belize,if you know what I mean! 😉
      Sorry for speaking in abstract terms; I don’t want to spoil anything for you lest you haven’t got to where I am,that is,in the final part of the series.

      1. I see 🙂 I’ve finished the series last year, I think, so I didn’t remember the Belize detail precisely. I do remember however how much I loved this show. We have here what is probably a similar saying to that of Walter, but instead of Belize, we say Tahiti. 😉

  1. Hahaha this is hilarious…’hi belizean’, poor person must feel so targeted! 😀 yeah it looks amazing – but Mauritius must have its perks too of course!

    1. Haha! On the contrary,I wish he/she would come forward if she/he is reading this right now.
      Haha.Mauritius is only a paradise island – as it is often called by many – when you’re rich or a tourist staying at hotels and visiting some great tourist destinations! Otherwise it’s pretty dull and the mentality can get on your nerves!!

      1. Oh you know.They overlook art just because they do not understand it.
        For instance,if I’m not mistaken,your sister mentioned how much she loves Studio Ghibli.Here Mauritians may think it’s totally silly!
        Or rather they have a very poor reading culture.My English cousin was surprised to see that almost no one knows who Roal Dahl was! Even this blog is something they won’t understand and they might wonder why I spend so much of time on it.

        For the Mauritians,you have to do economics or science and get a well-paid job.That’s what success is.Money defines a man,according to them.

        On other levels,Mauritians are pretty backwards in their thinking.For all the tremendous technological progress we’ve made these past 10 years,some still believe in certain things.A somnambulist or a schizophrenic guy might be taken for a possessed individual! -_-

        Or the leader of the country always belongs to a specific religion and caste,simply because that religion is well-represented in the country and will never allocate their votes to someone pertaining to another religion.I can’t believe that some still think this way! -_-

        That being said,there is no animosity between people from different religions; only the extremists or brainwashed will hang around with people of ”their kinds”.I’m also annoyed when I see these people greeting each other in their ”religious language”.We were supposed to be Mauritians; not Muslims,Hindus,Chinese,or whatever.I think that attitude of theirs particularly annoys me because I’m an atheist.

        I think Mauritius is not the place for me.

      2. Oh man, you’ve just described the symptoms of culture-itis. This not understanding art and valuing doctors, lawyers and accountants over artists, is definitely something that happens with Bengalis. And we’re even worse with the ‘possessed’ individual thing – if you have a mental disability, or if you’ve given birth to a child that has a disability then black magic has been performed on you, or someone has given you the Evil Eye. And being a Muslim Bengali, we also have these lockets that have special, god-like powers that can ward off evil. Sometimes I think we belong in a circus act…

        But the thing about living in London is that as a whole city we’re not really judged if we go against our own person cultural expectations. There’s a lot more freedom to believe what you will. Art is valued, maybe not with my ‘Bengali’ family – but it’s nothing sheer talent and hard work can’t fix! Bengali mentality in London can be changed: say a few words and make an appeal for what you want to do and the Bengali mentality just gets suppressed a bit. And even if it doesn’t, you still have the opportunity to go do what you want and have respect for it – here anything you pursue is well-paid…it may not have the status of a doctor, or a lawyer or an accountant but you’re in London…culture isn’t something that can stop you. And because there’s so many cultures, and so many ways of life being practised here – and also because it’s a big city – everyone’s a minority so you’re bound to find people that share your views on life, regardless of where they’re from!

        I mean, the only problem you’ll have in London is trying to greet everyone – we usually keep to ourselves…but there’s lots of people (especially around my diverse ends) who are friendly and address you as a human – not as any other label.

      3. You’re lucky to be living in London!
        This reminds me that I have to make the most of my stay (for studies) in Kent.I hope I’ll meet some minds similar to mine! 😉

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