Amazon’s New E-Book Subscription Formula

Amazon announced on Friday their new digital subscription service; for a monthly fee of $10,the subscriber gets access to more than 600,000 eBooks and about 150,000 audio books!

These past weeks I have been considering getting a Kindle,so as to save some money on books I’m unsure about,and when I learned about Amazon’s announcement,I thought the service came as a boon to me.But it does have a big limitation.

As you already know,there is an ongoing feud between Amazon and some major publishers over eBook rights.Hachette,for example,has still not come to an agreement with the online retailer.As expected Amazon’s tense relationship with these publishers has had its toll on its new service.Books from Harper Collins,Hachette,Simon&Schuster,Macmillan,and the largest publishing house in the world,Penguin Random House,will most likely be unavailable to subscribers.Because of the snub of these five big publishers,Amazon runs the risk of not being able to sell some best-sellers.On the other hand,given that they have been published by a myriad of houses,the majority of classics will be available.But since YA best-sellers sell more than classics,Amazon’s net revenue in the eBook department might be below expectations.And just imagine if the next Booker winner is published by one the publishers aforementioned!

I am sure things will change in the future.Amazon will soon realise that its targeted figures will be beyond reach without all publishers by its side.For my part,I am looking to pursuit my interest in the latest Kindle.However I don’t know if I will subscribe or buy the eBooks individually.For $10,one can normally buy between 6 and 8 eBooks,but with Amazon’s subscription,one can access more than 600,000 titles.The only down factor is that we’re made to pay the $10 every month,which is tantamount to $120 every year – that’s quite a sum for eBooks! Mathematically speaking,the service won’t be worth it if I don’t read between 72-96 books per year!!

– Note that with ”Kindle Unlimited”,you’re getting access to an unlimited library and you’re not really buying any book; as soon as you end your subscription,you will no longer have access to the books.


Tell me what you think! :)

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