Top Ten TV Show/Movie Moments

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt asks us to list our top ten movies or TV shows.Since I won’t be able to reach number 10 in any category,I’ve made an amalgam of all my favourites moments in TV shows.

1.Breaking Bad – Season 4 Ending

This moment is pure genius and is made even more awesome with the soundtrack! One of my favourite scenes ever.You have to watch the show to understand it. 🙂

2.FMA Brotherhood: Nina

This one has to be one of the saddest scenes in the anime universe.The two brothers are sent to the place of a talented alchemist who is under pressure to create a speaking chimera – the last time he created one was two years ago.The state threatens to cut his allocations if he fails to meet the deadline.The brothers meet and bond with his little daughter Nina and their dog Alexander,till the day the alchemist finally reaches his goal….

3.Death Note: Death of Naomi

A brilliant student,Light Yagami stumbles upon a notebook which kills anyone whose name is entered in it.If at first he uses the notebook only to kill criminals,he gradually makes use of his new power to get rid of the police force which is tracking him.One day,whilst in a train,he kills Raye Penber,an officer.The latter’s fiancée,an ex FBI agent herself,investigates and makes a deduction that risks obliterating  Light’s cover.Light notices this and decides to meet Naomi.She is initially cautious of Light,but after learning that his father works in the police,gives him her name……

4.Character I most look forward to seeing in a TV show: Giulia Farnese

I have started watching Borgia only to see Marta Gastini as Giulia! She is beautiful! She reads a lot,took courses of ballet when she was young,speaks nice English,and dresses unbelievably well,and is a formidable actress.It’s a shame that she is four years older than I.I’ve already started working out (I’m not fat,but I want to have a six pack!),so that if one day I see somebody like her in my life,I’ll make sure not to let her go away.I was even considering limb lengthening! Naturally every scene featuring her in Borgia is my favourite! 🙂

5.Fight Club – Acid scene

A man leading a boring life meets Tyler,a soap manufacturer who is his complete opposite.Following an explosion in his apartment,the man has no choice but to stay at Tyler’s place and live by his unorthodox rules… 🙂
My favourite movie!

6.Wall E – Space Dance

That scene was magical.The highlight of Wall-E is that emotions are shown not through words,but through gestures,which are perhaps the most natural medium.My favourite movie next to Fight Club! I know the contrast is striking! 🙂

7. Tree of Life – Beginning of the Universe

At one moment in the movie,a character asks God: ”Who are we? Tell me.” And then,this scene takes place.It endeavours to show us the beginning of the universe.The soundtrack and these breathtaking clips make an overwhelming and unforgettable moment.

8.Toy Story: Rex Using His Head!

I love Toy Story.For me,that’s the best series ever.The dialogues are superbly written and there is a coherence among all three movies.In this scene,the characters are in a ventilator duct and are trying to save Woody.Rex notices Woody being ‘mistreated’  by his new mates and asks Buzz, ”What we’re gonna do?”,to which the astronaut replies: ”Use Your Head!” Haha….

9.Goodfellas: The Mail Man

Watch the clip and you’ll understand!

10.500 Days of Summer – Expectations v/s Reality


I think the scene speaks for itself.



16 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Show/Movie Moments”

  1. I was really sceptical about Wall:E before I saw it but I do think it is one of the most incredible animations I have ever seen. The space dance is one of the most moving sequences in animation, alongside the beginning of Up.

    1. I knew it was a good movie,because it was critically acclaimed!
      But I didn’t know it was that good! I ignored that there barely was any talking in it!
      And you’re right,that space dance is magnificent and unique!
      Thanks for commenting! 😉

    1. You should definitely watch it!
      It is the movie which changed me,which made see things in a totally different way! (I was 16 back then)
      I’ve watched it 5 times and never got bored! The entire script is cult,and the ending will leave you flabbergasted! 😉

      1. Hey I did watch it and the ending was fabulous but I found some portions to be a bit dark. When I told my friend that, he said “thats because you are a girl” and ended the discussion there 😀

      2. Haha,I think the mood of the movie must be in keeping with the message conveyed.
        I absolutely adore Fight Club! There are so many things which are true but hard to accept: ”You have to know,not fear,that you’re gonna die one day.”; ”It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything”;”we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”…. Ah,I could go on and on!!! I’ve watched it 5 times! 🙂

        The movie gets even better upon the second time you watch it,when you take notice of all the clues included in the movie to indicate that Tyler is the narrator! 😉
        (In fact,absolutely nobody,on the first time,understands who Tyler is before the revelation.I think that’s what makes Fight Club an exceptional movie!)

        For instance,when Marla and the narrator were talking.The latter hears a noise which nobody else hears.Afterwards he sees Tyler down the stairs who urges him to end the conversation with Marla! There are so many clues like this in the movie….

      3. Maybe I will watch it again ! The only clue I remember is at the doctor’s clinic when Pitt says the excuse and Norton repeats it verbatim. Similar to Sixth Sense where too you have clues but end up missing them 🙂

    1. You definitely should!
      It is one of the best movies of all time,and is not just a mere movie.You will keep thinking about it even after watching it and I swear,the ending will leave you stunned!

  2. I don’t know man, in terms of my iconic anime scenes for me…when Ash gave away/let go [name of pokemon here]…my childhood was pretty crushed. Like, I can still hear the sound of butterfree flying away. Ugh. But FMA: Brotherhood was so legit, granted you had to get original drawing style and stuff but the fact that they stuck to the manga (which I stopped reading after a while) was golden.

    I actually wished I rewatched the first two Toy Story’s before I went to watch the 3rd one in theatres. I felt like I was definitely missing something after years of memory loss per what happened in the previous movies. But I definitely agree that the entire trilogy was pretty stellar. Have you also seen the easter egg hunt of hints/references in TS3. It’s pretty clever!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    1. Haha,I wasn’t too much in Pokemon,because it was not being shown on TV here!However I played I was a total fan of the game on Game Boy Advance! This was one of my greatest experiences! When one day I’ll start working,I’ll buy a Nintendo DS and start playing Pokemon again! 🙂

      You definitely should have watched Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 before.In fact I watched all three movies on Christmas and everything really made sense.For instance Buzz’s propensity to think that he is a real astronaut,that was seen in TS1,surges back in TS3!

      As for the easter eggs,I googled them now,and it is great fun to read about them! Thanks for telling me about them! 😉

      1. No problem! I just love it when animation companies decide to throw in these little hints here and there as a throwback or even simply a nod to the previous movies or the world that they exist in.

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