Top Ten Bookish (and Blogging) Confessions

I’m not sure what the prompt for today’s Top Ten Tuesday is about; should we make a list of bookish confessions or of blogging ones? Since I couldn’t decide,I have made an amalgam of confessions pertaining to both categories.


1.I double-read most paragraphs.I’m not a slow reader,but whilst reading I like to go back to the preceding paragraphs all over again to ensure that I have not missed any thing from the book.

2.I want to throw myself off a building whenever I see a list of ”the best books ever” on goodreads.Anna Karenina,Brothers Karamazov or The Great Gatsby next to Hunger Games,The Fault in Our Stars,and Da Vinci Code? Ok,these YA books must have been great to read,but one has to be relative.It’s like comparing Beethoven to Bieber! I’m not saying that today’s books are mediocre; I’m just saying that pop literature books will never be tomorrow’s classics.On the other hand,Byatt’s Possession,Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go,Roy’s God of Small Things and apparently Catton’s The Luminaries will be among the books regarded as the best of the 21st century and of all time,for that matter.

3.I don’t restrict myself to reading only one genre of books.While most of the novels I’ve read so far are classics,I’m always having an eye on books which have won or been nominated for some prestigious literary competitions; A Girl is a Half-Formed Things,The Luminaries,A Tale for the Time Being,and Wolfhall are examples of books,recently published,which I plan to read in the near future.

4.Hardcovers are not better in my eye.I used to buy the myth that hardcovers were prettier than paperbacks,but I was quickly disillusioned when I realised that publishers don’t give these hardcovers the treatment they deserve; very often,the binding is glued and the covers are dull.Besides,the little difference between a paperback and a hardcover doesn’t justify the enormous disparity between their prices! That’s why I turn to paperbacks when I’m not buying Folio books – which belong to another class.

5.Until recently I never considered myself lucky for being bilingual.In reading so many books,I have understood that every language has its own peculiarities and charm.French is very poetic,crude and naturally abstract.English is poetically flamboyant,magical,highly malleable,yet very simple.I am indeed lucky to be well-versed in both languages.(By the way,none of the two is my mother tongue,maybe that is why I see beauty in both.)


1.I try to keep my reviews as objective as possible,so as to let someone be aware of everything he should know before buying a book.I understand that sometimes people might not agree with me,especially if one of their favourite books is being reviewed

2.One of the highlights of 2014 is the blogging community I’ve managed to build.Until early 2014,that is,after 6 months of blogging,I still hadn’t been able to find many people who regularly read books I’m interested in.At some point I even wondered if there were such people on wordpress.Gradually I’ve stumbled on bloggers who are more or less of the same age as I and who read classics and very intriguing books.I’ve discovered a fair number of novels through them!

3.I admit I had my doubts about this blog on numerous occasions,but after making it more book-oriented,infusing my personality into it,and deciding to write only when I feel to (and not when I need to),I felt better.I am very happy with the blog,as it is the only token of my (aesthetic) soul.

4.High stats sure are gratifying to see – I have some articles which have had over 500 views each – but they are never a driving force behind my posts.The latest quote I have shared,for instance,hasn’t attracted many people,but it does not matter.I found it very powerful and moving,and felt I had to put it on my blog,irrespective of whether or not it would be liked.

5.I can’t help but notice that I’m one of the very,very few guys who blog about books.In that respect,I consider myself lucky.I have more chance to find a partner who’ll love books than you girls! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish (and Blogging) Confessions”

    1. In fact,absolutely ANYBODY can add ANY book in ANY list on goodreads.For example,in that list of ”best indian books”,I can go right now and add some French books in it! They might later get deleted,but nothing will prevent me from doing so again.

      Likewise many fan-girls and teens think that books like The Fault in our Stars are the best books ever,and thus,often add them alongside the real masterpieces,which are,among others,Anna Karenina,One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Great Gatsby.

      You should check the lists of editors (from New York Times,The Guardian,etc) regarding the best Indian books.The lists will differ,but there will always be some books which will recur in all.

      1. I sure will. I am a bit caught up with exams right now but after that my plan is to start reading through the list of Sahitya Akademi winners (its an Indian Lit award)

      1. What? You must have got it wrong — I surely found the individual smart points inspiring (otherwise I wouldn’t bother reading them), but the last point just got me. I’m growing sentimental 😮

  1. Liked your list! 😀
    This was so good “I want to throw myself off a building whenever I see a list of ”the best books ever” on goodreads” Me too! Not on goodreads only though…whenever I see Twilight listed there, it’s just…
    Knowing many languages is always a blessing 😀

    1. Haha,I’m glad you like that line! I feared some people might take it too seriously..
      And yep,I always cringe whenever Twilight in a list of the best books of all time! :S
      And YAY for being bilingual! 😀

  2. Possession, The God of Small Things and Never Let Me Go are some of my favourite books of all time. In fact everything Ishiguro has written is pretty impressive.

    1. I have The Remains of the Day at home,but haven’t read it.
      I’m thinking of reading all his other works one day!
      It sure is refreshing to finally see someone who has read Possession,The God of Small Things and Never Let Me Go and liked all three greatly! Very often they undeservedly get lambasted!

      Thank you very much for commenting! 🙂

    1. There are two ‘1’s and two ‘5’s,so it’s somewhat hard to know what you’re referring to.
      But I guess you’re talking about my bilingualism and my propensity of double-reading paragraphs! Haha,and by ‘the last one’,I think you mean my being a guy? I thought you knew! 😉

      1. Yes those are the ones! 🙂
        Alas, despite myself and everything I stand for — I stereotypically attached the female gender to a bookblogger 😦

  3. I also re-read sentences and paragraphs, especially when I first start a book. I usually read a book’s first few sentences several times. It’s like I’m programming my brain to take note that I’m reading a different book.

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