Zelda Fitzgerald

”Nobody has ever measured,not even poets,how much the heart can hold.”


3 thoughts on “Zelda Fitzgerald”

    1. Glad you like it!
      I think,in the earlier years of their marriage,they would have indeed been a fun couple to hang out with.They would go to parties,dive naked in fountains,dance on tables,and ride on the roofs of New York cabs.

      However their relationship soon turned toxic.Fitzgerald was quite broke and was always striving to find a way to fund his lavish style .According to Hemingway,Zelda was jealous of her husband’s success and thus encouraged him to indulge into alcohol – a claim refuted by their daughter.In the end,Zelda’s schizophrenia turned more serious and she was admitted to a sanatorium.

      Gatsby’s life was somehow prophetic of the Fitzgeralds’.They tasted dream-like success and happiness ephemerally,all the time unaware that a wave of misery would soon come crashing onto them.

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