Possession (A.S Byatt) : Read!


When Randolph Henry Ash and Christable LaMotte met each other,little did they know that their lives would be tied forever.When I started reading Possession,I wondered if I would ever finish the book and ignored that,throughout the weeks,it would gradually become one of the best books I have read.

The book is beautiful.It might seem an understatement to describe it as such,but Possession truly is beautiful in every sense of the word,from the audacious,touching and very realistic plot to Byatt’s exceptional writing and commanding effort.The amount of knowledge Byatt holds is unbelievable and I learned a fair deal from her.You really have to read the book to understand what I mean.I will even go so far as to say that she is one of the world’s greatest living authors.To be honest,I can think of no one else who can write such a book as Possession,a book which includes an extract of a fictional character’s annotated biography! I haven’t yet read her other books,but she stated in an interview that,before writing,she always does a lot of research.Therefore I surmise that her other works must be of the same calibre as Possession,and thus,I wish that she wins the Nobel Prize in one of the years to come.She really is one of our time’s greats,and that’s no hyperbolic statement.

Possession was such a good read that I want to pick it up and read it all over again.Pretty much like The God of Small Things,I reckon that Byatt’s book gets even more beautiful when read for a second time.Also,so far,the Booker Prize did not disappoint.I’ve read the winners of 1990 and 1997 and the runner up of 2005,and all are among my favourites!

Note: This book is often undeservedly lambasted,because some people fail to cope with its language and plot.If you trust them,you’re going to miss on something extraordinary and unique.And yep,I’ll write a ‘review’ in the days to come.


4 thoughts on “Possession (A.S Byatt) : Read!”

  1. I saw your rating in Goodreads, and my initial thought was: “That good?” However, based on your description here, this book is definitely going on my TBR. I’ll waiting for your ‘review’ 🙂

    1. I would never believe that I would give Possession five stars one day,but that’s how good it is.
      Byatt is a genius and I thought books like Possession were no more being written in this day and age! I will definitely elaborate more in my future posts!
      Thanks for stopping by,and yep you should definitely read it! 😉

  2. I have had this on my shelf for quite a while now but have been too scared to pick it up! I am glad to hear a positive response to it, I look forward to your review!

    1. It really is a very,very beautiful book.
      The amount of work Byatt has put into this novel is unbelievable,and I believe that makes it her magnum opus!
      It just is a quite tough to get into.
      I’ll try to write something more insightful and helpful in the coming days!

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