Blogging on WordPress: One Year Already!

Yesterday WordPress notified me that I have been blogging for one year!

It’s no big deal,but…

This blog is,so to speak,my virtual diary and has seen me mature through one whole year.I’m more than satisfied with the progress I made on a myriad of levels,but most importantly I’m glad and grateful that I’ve met so many wonderful and inspiring people from diverse cultures here. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Blogging on WordPress: One Year Already!”

    1. 1 year already,yes! 🙂
      However it was not before mid-September that I started writing seriously.About 2 months later,I would discover your blog! According to my stats,you’re the one who has commented the most on my posts!
      Time flies,and university days are now closing in…

      1. I will have my 1st year anniversary on 1st August 🙂 Most important of the firsts, though, you were my first blogging friend, the one I’ve known the longest! So, be advised that you’re very special to me 🙂

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