Why You Should Read Brave New World

Synopsis: London A.F 632.The world has radically changed.Technology has become a predominant force used to control the mass.In this soulless society, we witness a significant episode in the lives of two contrasting characters: Bernard,an Alpha,and John,a savage.

Why you should read Brave New World:

1.The Intelligence
Brave New World is not your usual sci-fi book whereby we see the future as a time when all of fantasies turn true.Instead it is a very plausible and never-seen-before prediction of what awaits human civilization in the next centuries.Huxley has intelligently analysed the present society and,afterwards,depicted our future accordingly.Indeed certain aspects of our current society have been mirrored in his futuristic world,such as the hierarchy of class,ultra surveillance,and heavy consumerism.Nothing is in this book without cause.

Huxley has meticulously catered for every little detail in his book,from the Lord being called Ford and the transformation of the cross into a T,to the names of his characters and the world’s partly fictional and partly factual history.Everything is precise and relevant,and nothing nonsensical.As a result,curious and horrified,we explore Huxley’s world with as much interest as if it would be our own at some time in the future.

3.Orwellian and Kafkaesque
Whilst reading the book,I could not get off my mind two of literature’s greatest: Franz Kafka and George Orwell.In Brave New World,the individual has little leeway to act at will,for every movement of his is being surveyed and to some extent,prefigured.That oppression is so stifling that,like Kafka’s and Orwell’s works,the book evokes concern and will grow on you even long after you’ve finished reading it.

4.The Writing Style
Huxley’s tone is sardonic all through the story and points to the sheepishness of the masses.In so doing,he ensures that we will not read his book as a simple dystopian story,but rather as a warning and insightful piece of work.His writing style also leads us to compare our present world with the futuristic one.Moreover Huxley excels at building tension through his idiosyncratic dialogues: on some occasions,there can be multiple scenes taking place and reaching their respective climaxes at the same moment.

Brave New World is simply timeless.It could as well be written in the 1900s as in the 2000s,for there is nothing which betrays its age.

What you might not like in Brave New World:

1.The Storyline
Yes,there is a storyline in the book.But to be honest,it is rather banal,as its only aim is to further show the hopeless dystopia the world has turned into.It did serve its purpose,but still,the story could have been a little better.

2.Can be Difficult to Read.
The book requires much imagination from its readers,as nothing in Huxley’s world exists in ours.If you happen to imagine things incorrectly,you might not make sense of everything and this might lead you to lose interest in the book.Additionally terms employed in the futuristic world,such as ‘Epsilon’,’Freemartins’ or ‘Soma’ are not plainly defined for you; instead you will have to decipher their meanings through the dialogues between characters.This can prove challenging to some.However once you get through the first part of the book,you should be able to read the rest with ease.

As a dystopian novel,it was supposed to be so.I’m only pointing this out lest you wish to pick a lighter and funnier book.


Verdict: I thought Brave New World would be another lame attempt by yet another author to predict the future,but the book stunned me by its serious tone and the amount of work it holds.Its status as one of the greatest dystopian classics is definitely not usurped.In fact It resembles so much our own world that I reckon the future of human civilization will not be too far from what Huxley foretold in his book.All in all,Brave New World is one of the most important pieces in modern literature and deserves to be read by bookworms and non-bookworms alike.Just bear in mind that it can be at times challenging to read.



5 thoughts on “Why You Should Read Brave New World”

    1. Yep.I know,but look what I wrote under it! It wasn’t a problem for me.On the contrary,it suited the story!

      However I can’t tell someone how awesome the book is without telling him about the gloom,lest he ends up being disappointed by the book,having expected something more jovial and lighter…

    1. Oh yep, you’re right!
      Thanks for pointing this out. I totally forgot he was an Alpha because of the amount of stick he get from the others!

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