How to Discriminate between Thomson and Thompson.

In French they are called ”Dupont et Dupond”,and there’s a very slight difference between them – well besides that letter ‘p’ in their English names.



Here is Thomson (Dupont). His moustache is pointy at the ends and looks like a bell.







And there is Thompson (Dupond).He has a flat and droopy moustache.







The best way to remind yourself of these two’s correct British names is to remember them this way: The one with the simpler moustache has the longer name,and vice-versa. As for their French names,it is a bit more complicated,as we have to bear in mind that the name of the one with the simpler moustache ends with the earlier alphabet (d) ! Or as Herge himself said,Dupond has a straight (fr: droite) moustache,while Dupont‘s moustache is trussed (fr: troussée). 

And just for fun,here’s how they are called in other languages:

  • Uys and Buys in Afrikaans
  • Tik and Tak in Arabic (تيك و تاك)
  • Johnson and Rohnson in Bengali
  • Zigue e Zague in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Kadlec and Tkadlec in Czech
  • Dupond og Dupont in Danish
  • Jansen and Janssen in Dutch
  • Thomson and Thompson in English
  • Schultze und Schulze in German
  • Clodius and Claudius in Latin
  • Tajniak and Jawniak in Polish
  • Dupont i Dupond in Catalan
  • Hernández and Fernández in Spanish and Galicianand Asturian
  • Skapti and Skafti in Icelandic
  • Johns and Jones or Parry-Williams and Williams-Parry in Welsh
  • Tomson and Tompson in Serbian
  • Dupont e Dupond in Portuguese
  • Dupond ve Dupont in Turkish
  • Dupond och Dupont in Swedish

9 thoughts on “How to Discriminate between Thomson and Thompson.”

    1. Oh,I’m sorry! I think I’ll have to take another look at the post and edit it.

      Thompson (Dupont) and Thomson (Dupond) are almost identical; you can only tell which is which by taking a look at their moustache.

      Look at Thompson.His moustache is flat and normal.It has the shape of a ghost in Pacman.

      And now look at Thomson.His moustache is more Daliesque,that is,it is pointy at the sides.

      It is very easy to note the difference,but still complicated to tell whether who has the pointy moustache and so on! Hmm,I hope it’s become a little clearer! :O

      1. OK, I could tell the difference between Dupont and Dupond, but I don’t know who they are? Are they some fictional characters? I’m sorry, I’m really thick…

      2. I think I would be a fan, I can’t explain how come that I missed this! Now I’m tempted to explore more… Maybe you have just made me into a Tintin fan 😉

      3. Maybe I should have called them by their Czech names,Kadlec and Tkadlec!
        If you want to read them,go ahead! That’s what I’m planning to do once I’m done with some of my books. The Tintin comics are besides pretty cheap on the bookdepository! 🙂

      4. I’ve never heard of Kadlec and Tkadlec, but of course I noticed that you included them in the list — very kind and considerate of you! (Except it didn’t work because of me being ignorant… 😉 ). I’ll consider grabbing some Tintin as train reading (though right now my on-the-train reading are instruction manuals for a DSLR and a photoshop (specifically, Corel Paintshop).

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