Dolly Keeps a Secret

Dolly keeps a Secret
Safer than a Friend
Dolly’s Silent Sympathy
Lasts without end.

Friends may betray us
Love may Decay
Dolly’s Discretion
Outlasts our Day.

Could Dolly tell of us?
Her wax lips are sealed.
Much she has meditated
Much -ah – concealed.

Dolly ever sleepless
Watched above
The shreds and relics
Of our lost Love
Which her small fingers
Never may move.

Dolly is harmless.
We who did harm
Shall become chill as she
Who now are warm
She mocks Eternity
With her sly charm.

A.S Byatt


5 thoughts on “Dolly Keeps a Secret”

    1. I found this poem in Possession.
      And I liked it.It is easy to understand,very realistic,rhythmic,and almost gives life to a doll! Yep that’s the highlight of this poem for me; Dolly who is no more than a doll is turned into a mystique by Byatt simply through a poem!

      Haha,I find it depressive only to a certain extent.Above all,I find very very true,and that’s why probably this poem struck me the minute I saw it.

      And what’s the matter with dolls? I reckon they can be creepy.In order to find a face of a porcelain doll,I had to browse through a bunch of creepy doll faces on the internet.Dolls are like clowns; they can spook you even if they are not meant to!

      1. Is it from Possession? Ha, I forgot ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Are you enjoying Possession so far?

        I’m a weird person who doesn’t like anything associated with childhood, hence my dislike for dolls. Nothing too interesting about that…

        By the way, I made a 6-second video of me unpacking the book The Second Sex we talked about the other day. You can see the sheer heaviness of the book on my Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. At first I was not at all convinced with the book and wondered how it could have won the Booker Prize.But the story turned more and more interesting as I moved from the first three chapters! I find it super interesting!! It’s a pleasant surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚

        The only downside is that it is pretty heavy.I normally read one chapter per day,but with Possession,I cannot go beyond half a chapter! It is the sort of book that requires that you remain focused on the story and in that respect,can be quite exhaustive!

        I checked your book out,and I’m stunned!! Really…When you said ”heavy”, I was not thinking it would be that huge!! It’s more like an encyclopedia! Good luck with it,even if you don’t mean to read the whole of it! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      3. Good to hear your thoughts on Possession! I found it an easy read, but that would be because the academic environment absorbed me immediately. Also, as a literature student, I have a history of having to read books I considered too difficult or too boring…

        I’m going to dive in The Second Sex soon. Sometime I’ll need to document the sheer size of The Chicago Manual of Style, a reference book I use for editing, it’s even heavier ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Happy reading!

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