Recent and Unusual Book-Haul


Technically there are better photos,but I find myself drawn to this one for unknown reasons.

As the title suggests,this book-haul is strikingly unusual,as it lacks coherence.Two Batman comics,one collection of short stories by unknown authors,and a Folio edition of the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm,with the illustrations of Arthur Rackham!

Here are some brief reasons why I bought the books:

1.Haruki Murakami: Birthday Stories
For quite a while now,I planned on reading short stories,but I kept putting them off,as I was all the time occupied with a book .Now that I’m taking a small break from novels,I’ve decided to finally purchase this little collection of short stories revolving around birthdays and selected by Haruki Murakami himself.In fact,this book caught my eye while I was looking for Murakami’s other works.Needless to say,the cover is another reason why I was so attracted to it.I have so far read six stories and their idiosyncrasies,subtlety and originality have touched me very deeply.If you want to be surprised and read something something very delicate,then give this book a go! Just note that as opposed to what the title suggests,only one story is from Murakami,the rest having been written by various unknown but hugely talented authors.

2.Batman: Year One & The Man who Laughs
Although I’ve been a huge Batman fan since I was a kid,I have never read any of the comics,simply because they are not sold in my country.However,seeing many bloggers regularly buying the comics made me realise that I could now order them from the bookdepository.My only fear was that they might be damaged,but in the end,I was relieved with their near-perfect condition,and their quality exceeded my expectations: I didn’t expect the DC paperbacks to feel like real comics.And why did I buy these two Batman titles out of the countless others? Well,according to a list,it would be better to start with these two.

3.The Grimm’s Fairy Tales,Folio Society edition.(Arthur Rackham illustrations)
Classics and short stories aside,I am very fond of fairy tales and children literature.The Folio Society has published three collections of fairy tales from three mythical authors,namely Hans Andersen,the Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault.Strikingly each of these respectively comprises the illustrations of three renown artists of the 20th century: William Heath Robinson,Arthur Rackham,and Edmund Dulac.I’ve been eyeing those three collections since last year,and because they are quite expensive,have also been waiting for them to be discounted.In March,the Grimm’s Fairy Tales was discounted for 15% only,but this temporary drop in price was only an excuse for me to finally buy it!


19 thoughts on “Recent and Unusual Book-Haul”

  1. I actually read Batman: Year One not too long ago, as I’m a fan of Frank Miller’s crime stories. It’s great. If you enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, you’ll enjoy the Year One graphic novel . . . if you can find a copy in your country!

    1. The pic you see above is actually mine,so yep,I already have the Batman comics; I ordered them online.However I haven’t read them yet! Year One has received rave reviews by nearly everybody and is usually regarded as the comic which every Batman fan should read! So I think I’ll like it!
      Thanks for commenting! 😉

  2. Grimm Brothers and Batman actually go well together 🙂 I like it that you like the Grimms, it’s an old joke, but they’re often quite grim indeed.

    1. You’re right the fairy tales of the Grimms are grim indeed! In fact,I’m particularly fond of Batman and the Grimm brothers for the darkness of their stories.They are dark,realistic and appeal to people of any age; they are not caricatural and thus,not predictable. I think that’s why I can’t make myself like any other superhero or Disney cartoon.

  3. That’s awesome that you are delving into different classical genres (comics, fairy tales). I have been trying to do the same thing.

    1. Glad that you share my opinion! 🙂
      Reading books for me is like feeding my soul.In the vast world of literature,it would be a shame to stick to one type of books only!

    1. Glad you too find it great!! 🙂
      As for the Batman comics,I couldn’t resist! I guess there’s no specific age to start reading about your favorite hero’s adventures!

    1. I’m like you! I have many books waiting for me on my shelves,yet always find myself buying even more of them!

      And you should start reading asap! 😉

    1. Glad you like them!
      I don’t judge a book by its cover,but I always try to pick the book I plan to read in the best and affordable edition available. 🙂

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