Brave New World: Read!


When reading a book,I like grasping the meaning of each and every line,and in that respect,Brave New World was no piece of cake.

The beginning was pretty tough to get into,as I had to follow the interminable process through which the embryos were going,while all the time making heavy use of my imagination – for nothing in the real world is to be found in the ‘Brave New World’.Besides I had to re-read the first chapter to understand everything.Needless to say I feared that my reading streak of great books would end.However the first chapter seems to be the toughest part of the novel,as the story unfolds pretty easily afterwards.In the end,my streak of great books remains unbroken,as Brave New World was simply superb!

The amount of work put into this book is baffling.It was so intelligently written that I couldn’t help thinking of two of literature’s greats: Franz Kafka and George Orwell.I like how Huxley found more than  a superficial connection between Ford and Lord.Besides the onomatopaeic resemblance,there is the cross of Christ which,when its tip is cut,becomes a ‘T’,the name Ford gave to the first affordable automobile.Ford in some way became God as he was the first man to invent a true automobile that would change the lives of people ever after; his invention was the first mechanical revolution.

As you might know,I’m only giving my first impressions after reading the book.In the days to come,I will write a heavier and more coherent post about how Brave New World is still as horrifying today as it used to be decades ago for unlikely reasons.

– By the way,which book would you suggest I read next: 100 Years of Solitude, Midnight’s Children,or Possession?


5 thoughts on “Brave New World: Read!”

  1. I love it that you loved the book!! One of my favourites. I didn’t like Midnight’s Children because I’m not a fan of magic realism, but I loved Possession — it’s a clever book and not a difficult read.

    1. Yep.Brave New World truly deserves its place among the best books of all time!

      And I’ll go for Possession,after reading Murakami’s selected Birthday Stories (A little book).I think you’re the only one I’ve seen liking Possession! Recently there was a very popular book-blogger who was bashing the book.I was a bit disappointed as I spent some money to buy it in second-hand Folio edition (it was no longer available on the site),thinking that it would be a great read! You’ve given me hope about this book again! 🙂

      1. Well, I like it that the Possession is set in what are my circles — literary academia — and it read as a pleasant, easy-to-follow story. I don’t see what anyone would find wrong with it!

  2. I just discovered your blog, really. I read several posts and enjoyed all of them. I’m happy to have followed you here! I read “Brave New World” in college. You’ve inspired me to return to it with renewed interest. Thank you so much for your reviews and suggestions here. A new and rather complete resource for me interests here. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I’m delighted that you love my blog and you wish to re-read a classic thanks to a post of mine.To make people love and read classics is why I created this blog.

      My blog is not yet 1 year-old,so you’re only seeing the beginning.I hope my future posts will be as interesting to you as were the past ones! 🙂

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