Why You Should Read Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go 1

Synopsis: Now thirty-one years old,Kathy H. gives us an account of her life,from her time at Hailsham where she meets her best friends Tommy and Ruth to her ongoing stint as a carer.An ordinary life,it seems.But Kathy is very different from us,and so are her friends.

Why you should read Never Let Me Go:

1.The Originality
In an age when almost everything has seemingly already been explored in literature,we expect today’s authors to give us something unique and capable of mesmerizing us as much as did the works of the past literary giants.And this,Kazuo Ishiguro did with Never Let Me Go.

Kazuo Ishiguro is simply a master at upholding suspense.He doesn’t wait long before introducing the big mystery centering the novel; in so doing,he surprises us and holds a tight grab on our attention.He also makes peculiar use of his chapters.In each one of them,a part of that mystery is disclosed to us,hence rendering the discovery of things a gradual,and not sudden,process.Moreover,at the end of each chapter,he hints at what takes place in the next one and makes it hard for us to let go of the book.

3.The Humane Narration
The beauty of Kathy’s narration lies mostly in its humaneness,from which besides is essentially derived the title.Indeed an incredible sincerity pervades through the words and causes them to touch us deeply,so much so that we cannot help becoming attached to Kathy.For during her narration,she digresses and opens her heart to us,and we cannot remain indifferent to her,hence why her story has left an indelible mark on so many of us.

4.Ease of Reading
This book is one of the easiest I have ever read.Kathy’s colloquial narrative style is such that readers feel more like her auditory audience; she narrates the story exactly as one does when one speaks and not when one writes it on paper.There is thus no flowery language employed in the book and the sentences are relatively short.In this respect the simplicity of Never Let Me Go is yet another reason why you will quickly go through its chapters and therefore have a hard time to put it down.

In the book,Ishiguro exposes the irony,poignancy and beauty of human life;it is,in a sense,a reflection of our own lives.After you finish reading it,if you think hard enough on what the story and its elements might stand for in real life,you will see a very intriguing and subtle parallelism between the characters and us regarding several issues.

What you might not like in Never Let Me Go:

1.Nothing thrilling
Some people were disappointed with this book,because they expected it to be more dramatic (less realistic).If you are looking for a more flamboyant and less subtle story,then this book is not for you…for the time being.

Verdict: It was really refreshing to finally see such a little gem as Never Let Me Go emerge from the 21st century.It is similar to The Handmaid’s Tale or Midnight’s Children,in the sense that it is only a matter of some years before it will become an undisputed modern classic.As a matter of fact,Ishiguro’s book is already being included in the best books of the 21st century.All in all,although I cannot speak for everybody,Never Let Me Go is among the top five books I have read.It comprises the rare and unlikely combination of simplicity,delicateness and intelligence,which is besides what constitutes its unique beauty.Just make sure to pick it with the right expectations.


7 thoughts on “Why You Should Read Never Let Me Go”

    1. I think you’ll love it.It was written in 2005 and is thus a pretty modern book.(It definitely is not as heavy as most classics are).

      Oh,after posting quite a few things,I sort of took a break,and was busy reading Brave New World and watching Breaking Bad! But I’m back now.
      I’m glad you noticed my absence! 🙂

    1. Oh,I’m so happy that I’ve been able to prompt someone to buy a book,thanks to a review of mine. That’s very encouraging! 🙂

      Just lose yourself in the book and let it surprise and touch you! 🙂
      I really hope you’ll love it as much as I did! 🙂

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