The Great Gatsby: Read!

How I Got the Book: The Great Gatsby,together with Never Let Me Go,was among the 4 books I chose for the renewal of my membership at the Folio Society.I picked it because it costs less than the majority of Folio books and because its illustrations are superb.I was skeptic about it,thinking that maybe it was overrated – I only had a vague idea on what it was about.

As far as my reading is concerned,2014 is a great year.I’m currently on an incredible reading streak; the last three books I read are Anna Karenina,Never Let Me Go and The Great Gatsby.Truth be told,2014 started pretty well with Lord of the Flies,another favourite of mine, and then before going on my streak,I read Of Human Bondage which turned out to be highly enlightening.

So,yes,I am totally spellbound by The Great Gatsby.It is far more than one man’s quest to reach his dreams; it is,as its author wanted it to be,a real work of art.

I won’t write any further today,as I wish to write an appreciation of this book in a different post very soon.This post here is only one of my little asides that I write whenever I’ve finished reading a something – just saying,in case you don’t know about my blog.

The next classic I’m going to read is Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World! It’d be great to know what you think of it,irrespective of whether or not you’ve read it.


12 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby: Read!”

  1. OK, as with Moby Dick, I did the mistake of reading Gatsby in translation, and again, I didn’t enjoy it. I’m unhappy with the writings of the Lost Generation, though, there’s something in it that repels me rather than the opposite. However, my main point in this comment is that Brave New World is one of my most favourite dystopian novels, I consider it excellent and hope you’ll love it too!

    1. Oh,no!!
      You should have read it in English! I think the language is sublimely poetic and is what makes the beauty of the book! You should definitely read in the original language once you’re done with your graduation!

      And it’s great you fancy Brave New World a lot! I was feeling a bit apprehensive that it might not be as good as the three books I read before!

  2. An excellent streak of great books. I have not read the Great Gatsby, but I was looking at Folio editions and they intrigued me, as does their volume of Brave New World. I look forward when I start the read the more modern classics, since right now I am going through more philosophical, non fiction texts like Cicero, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius. But I know that I will eventually get there.

    I would like to know what you get from the Folio Society as you order them. I am always interesting in the purchases of my fellow members.


    1. Sure!
      I’ll keep posting my Folio books! 😉
      And yep,you’re right in saying that the Folio editions of Brave New World and The Great Gatsby look appealing; they really are!

  3. That’s an excellent list of books that you’ve been reading.

    Gatsby is one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful American novels. Maybe the most.

    1. Oh,yep luckily they’ve all been great books! I hope A Brave New World won’t disappoint me!

      As for The Great Gatsby,it surely is a real work of art! I too believe it might be the greatest American,although I’ve not yet read The Old Man and the Sea!

      Anyway,thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment! 🙂

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