Top Ten Tuesday

I saw some posts about the Top Ten Tuesday before,but used to think that it was related to some random things.So it was a nice surprise to discover that it revolves around the book universe.For those who are wondering,it is a weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.It is thus with much enthusiasm that I will participate in the Top Ten Tuesday as from now. 🙂

Yesterday’s topic was about the top ten bookish things on my bucket list.Here they are :

1.Read as many classics as possible during the following months.


I’ve set myself the challenge of reading the best books of all time and have thus,bought many classics in the past.I’ve read about 17 of them so far,but I still have as many books to read on my shelves.Since this year I will go to university and will not be able to take my books with me,I will have to read as many classics as possible during the 3 following months.

2.Give plays a chance.

I have been so focused on classics,that I almost forgot about plays.Luckily I recently watched a very original movie called ”Vous n’avez encore rien vu” which was nominated for the Palme D’or in 2012.It is an amalgam of two plays by Jean Anouilh,which only consists of some cinematographic elements.This movie rekindled my love for plays,and I resolved myself to buy the plays of Jean Anouilh,Henrik Ibsen,Anton Chekhov,Arthur Miller,Tennesse Williams,Eugene O’Neill and Samuel Beckett.

3.Re-read my favourite books.

Books often get even better when you read them for a second time.That is what I plan on doing one day.But that won’t be any time soon,as I have so many books waiting for me.

4.Own a circular bookcase

I love original bookcases,especially the circular ones.I once saw on the net a bookcase in the form of the Yin-Yang and ever since,have been dreaming of owning a similar one one day.It will be hard to realise this dream though,as in the country where I live only the rectangular conventional bookcases are available.

5.Own at least one Spineless Classics poster.

Since I learned about the Spineless Classics,I have wanted to buy one of their posters.This British company has its subsidiaries in Australia,the U.S and South Africa,but sadly doesn’t sell to my country.So when I’ll go to university,I’ll make sure to buy at least one.Now let me enlighten you.The Spineless Classics company prints the entire text of a classic on a single poster.Moreover the text takes a form reminiscent of a memorable scene in the book.For instance in the case of Peter Pan,the text turns into a boy watching a tiny fairy.

6.Own some Heritage Press books

Here’s the exact edition I own of The Brothers Karamazov,although my slipcase crumbled immediately after I unpacked the book….

The Heritage Press was a publishing house from 1937 to 1982.The books are really sumptuous and it is a shame that the company is no more.The books can still be bought in second-hand on AbeBooks or in used book-stores.In fact,I bought one such edition of The Brothers Karamazov and I wasn’t disappointed with it.The book is older than my grandmother,so it doesn’t look totally new.Yet the pages are unscathed,white and still glossy.The illustrations are also great.The problem is that it costs a lot to ship these books here,as most of them are located in the U.S.I really wish I get admitted to an American university,as I’m currently eyeing a Heritage Press edition of Anna Karenina!

7.Read more modern books

Never Let Me Go 1

The best books of all time for me comprise classics as well as the literary gems of the post-modernist era,such as the nominees and winners of prestigious literary awards.Sadly the only modern books I have read since taking my challenge are The God of Small Things and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.I want this to change and that’s why the next book I’ll read will be Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go,written in 2005.I have also made a list of the modern books I should read and have included many Atwoods and Murukamis in it.

8.Short Stories should not be forgotten.

I have never read any short story from a great writer and I feel it’s very wrong.Although I long regarded them as a waste of time,I have come to understand,thanks to other bloggers,that they can be as beautiful as any great novel.Once again I made a list of all the short stories I should read and included collections from such authors as Ernest Hemingway,Somerset Maugham,Angela Carter,Haruki Murakami,William Faulkner and Vladimir Nabokov.

9.Lower my spending on Folio books.

As you might have observed,I am a huge fan of the Folio Society.I always find myself a good excuse to buy Folio books.Sadly being only a student who isn’t even employed,I will have to be more careful with the way I spend my money.I will definitely have to cut my spending on Folio books,one of which can cost twice or thrice as much as a Vintage paperback.

10.Have a book signed …. by an illustrator.

One of Angela Barrett’s illustrations for Anna Karenina.

I own quite a lot of Folio books and I love the work of the illustrators on each of them.In my giant edition of Peter Pan,for example,Debra McFarlane has taken the time to read the book with much attention so as to be able to draw a map of the Neverland.Likewise Angela Barrett’s illustrations for Anna Karenina are as exquisite as the book itself and she has drawn the prettiest Anna I’ve ever seen.I really hope one day I will be able to meet one of my favorite illustrators and have him/her sign one of my Folio books.



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. I love those Spineless Classics posters! Good luck with reading the classics on your shelf before university starts. I look forward to reading your reviews!

    1. Thanks! I really must avoid lagging behind my reading schedule!
      And yep,the posters from the Spineless Classics are really great,especially when you consider the price.They also make wonderful gifts for bookworms!

      Thanks for your kind words.I too love your blog.Every time I visit it,I glance at what you’re reading in the goodreads box,for I know that the books you read are the lesser known gems of (modern) literature.So I’m happy I discovered your blog.Really. 🙂

  2. Never Let Me Go is a brilliant book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Also, thanks for introducing me to the Spineless Classics posters – I’ll be sure to ask someone to buy me one at my graduation.

    1. Thanks for reading.I hope I enjoy the book too!!
      And yep,those Spineless Classics poster make great gifts for bookworms! From what I’ve seen on the net,they look even better when framed!

      1. I hate that if you want them framed, they’re super-expensive, about three times the cost of just the poster. I wonder why that is.

      2. Sorry,it’s only now that I see your comment!

        Hmm,sadly the price is exorbitant when it comes to the poster being framed.I think the best thing to do is to buy the poster and have it framed in your country.It will still be costly,but not as much as when having it framed by the Spineless Classics itself! That’s what I plan on doing someday. 🙂

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