It’s Over!



It’s over! After 1 month,I’ve finally finished reading Anna Karenina.I took all my time to read this huge – it’s bigger than Moby Dick – book,and I feel odd now that it has ended.I revelled in exploring Tolstoy’s Russia,which he depicted so well,and I feel like I’ve known Anna,Vronsky,Lenin,Kitty,Dolly,Oblonsky and the others for years.After following them through so many pages,I cannot believe that the story has come to an end and that all I can do now is surmise what has become of them.But well…all good things must come to an end.

I will go to university this year and since last year,I have planned to bring with me three books.From the early pages of Anna Karenina, I already knew that it would be one of them.I simply have never felt this way toward something before!Also I bough this book in Folio edition and while I was reading it,it rested on a towel,as seen in the pic above,lest the golden speckles on the cover went away with the pressure of my hands.Carrying and reading a book in a towel is yet another thing I’ll miss about Anna Karenina.

This can be considered an unofficial post.More posts about the book will follow,but right now I wanted to write about my feelings after reading one of the best books of all time.


8 thoughts on “It’s Over!”

  1. A lovely post on your intimate relationship with books 😉 It took me months to read Anna Karenina and sadly, the story didn’t draw me in and I didn’t enjoy it much. I’ll need to give it another try later and focus harder!

    1. Really I’m still flabbergasted.Sometimes I’m shocked when I realise it’s merely a book. All seemed so real!

      Each time I took that book to read,I felt I was being taken into another world! It might seem hard to believe but it happened that for two consecutive nights I dreamt of ”Anna Karenina”,although the dreams were totally absurd !On the first night it was about Levin going to war at the end and on the second night the dream was about Oblonsky doing something!

      You should definitely give it a second chance one day! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on finishing the book! I, too, read it and was disappointed. But then, it was 20 years ago, and I had a much more rosy view of the world. I’m going to try re-reading it. Maybe I missed something. 😛

    1. Haha,I loved the book.Absolutely adored it! 🙂

      While reading the book,I recalled what you told me about it,so I paid especial notice to those things that make Anna Karenina one of the best books of all time.I’ll write posts about them soon,so keep an eye on my blog until then. 🙂

    1. I adored the book.The characters looked absolutely real and this is why I cannot believe that what I have gone through this month is merely fictional.

      I liked how Tolstoy used the stream of consciousness to switch from one character to another one in order to give us insight in everybody’s mind.

      Anna’s story was extremely sad and touching,and it would not have been so without Tolstoy’s mastery of psychology.Over the countless pages,he subtly depicted Anna’s gradual mental downfall; she goes from being that noble,fresh and smiling woman to being one who must take morphia before sleeping.Ah,and I will miss Levin’s agricultural matters too!

      This book was pure perfection.It is as simple as that.

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