My Thoughts

We all learn something from reading a book.I try to extrapolate what I learn and share my thoughts in a post.Below are those I wrote so far about the books I read:

  1. How much of Wilde is there in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
  2. The moral of ”Frankenstein”
  3. Mrs Dalloway: The work of a genius!
  4. What Atticus Finch taught a 19 year-old boy.
  5. Animal Farm : Flawless (and everything you need to know about the book)
  6. 89 years after Kafka’s death,bureaucracy is still going strong!
  7. Why Peter Pan never grows up.
  8. Lord of the Flies: A Thought on War
  9. Dostoevsky’s motives behind ‘Crime and Punishment’
  10. A Farewell to Arms : Hemingway’s most unsung work?
  11. 5 Unforgettable Things I Learned From ‘Of Human Bondage’
  12. 5 Modern Techniques Used in Anna Karenina
  13. An Appreciation of Anna Karenina
  14. The Great Gatsby: The Great American Dream
  15. Never Let Me Go: What It Says About Human Life

This list will be constantly updated as I read more books.


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