Birth of the Blues

I remember that in December 2013 I went into a quite long hiatus as I spent the first half of the month in vacation and the other half writing essays for my applications to universities.Then as from January 2014 I tried to catch up with blogging by posting nearly everyday.It was absolutely great to be back and the rekindling of my love for blogging even resulted in better posts being written.

We are now on the 6th of March.Having observed my blog for a while,I feel that a hiatus is badly needed.I said recently that while I won’t post any review,I will keep posting quotes,photos of my Folio books,etc. But now,I think that the best thing to do is to leave my blog as it is and use the time I used to devote on my blog on other constructive things.

I will carry on with my ‘Why you should read series…’ as I have observed that it is quite popular with people outside the blogging community.As for anything else,such as photos of my Folio books,essays,quotes,weekly photo challenges and other book-related articles, I cannot tell; I will post them maybe once in a while.

I want to make sure that my posts are of a certain standard,and for this reason,I see no point in posting for the sake of posting.I like to go to the end of things and on such a place as WordPress where sharing of knowledge and opinion is the point, I feel that there is something amiss with my blog.Maybe the subject of Eye of Lynx – the appreciation of classics – is too obsolete.

Farewell for the time being!




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