Folio Book Haul: Membership granted! (July 2013)


I had to buy 4 full-priced books to become a member,and I opted for 4 timeless masterpieces which I knew wouldn’t disappoint me: Lord of the Flies, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Animal Farm and To Kill a Mockingbird.
Although I placed my order in June, I received my books in July.( Mauritius is such a faraway island…)
But when I saw and touched a Folio book for the very first time. I was flabbergasted. I remember that day to have said that I wanted to have several shelves full of Folio volumes. Now some months later, I can say that I’m slowly but surely reaching my goal.


1 thought on “Folio Book Haul: Membership granted! (July 2013)”

  1. Welcome to the guild of Folio members. Im am sincerely pleased to hear that you have taken the time as well as finances to become part of it. Welcome. May you have many years of enjoyable reads.


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