Food for thought?

Daily Prompt: Food.

I have taken a liking for the French gastronomy,although I have never had the privilege to taste a dish of such eminence.The chef is the artist,the dish his canvas and the food his paint.

The pictures below can give you a better idea why I love French gastronomy so much.

This is Thierry Marx.An adept of molecular cuisine,he is also a holder of 2 stars at the Guide Michelin.His punctiliousness is reflected through his trademark use of chopsticks to pick up food.He is France’s most famous avant-garde chef.





Here is a green tea mousse with lemon sorbet from Marx himself.Although it might not seem so,there is much work behind this dessert-he spotlighted the green tea,which is not so well-known among consumers,and had to look for another flavour that would complement it.


Chefs like Thierry Marx have reached such a level that any dish they conceive in their mind is sure to be a success.They weren’t born geniuses though;since a young age,they worked under other great chefs and life was far from easy.Thereafter they kept experimenting with food,all the time fuelled by the desire to propose something new and the passion for cooking.Once again,Aristotle was right:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


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