Daily Prompt: 

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? 

The last thing I searched on the Internet was ‘plexiglass for books’.These are only keywords.What I’m really looking for is how to use plexiglass to keep my book open when I’m trying to take a picture of a particular page.

I wouldn’t be looking for that if Mauritian customs regulations weren’t so stringent.Apart from books,which are exempt from customs duties and vat,everything else cost thrice or twice its price when imported here.So I cannot buy a book stand from eBay or Amazon and thus,will have to learn from book-aficionados how to use plexiglass as a book holder.

5 thoughts on “Plexiglass.”

    1. Thanks!! 🙂
      I totally forgot about those clips! At least these can be found in my country.They are quite popular with art students.
      I will use them for my ordinary paperbacks and hardbacks,but will have to find another solution for my Folio books.Maybe I will try to ask a relative to buy a book-stand for me when she will go abroad. :/

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