What the Blog is About

One of my favourite quotes is from Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger: ”We live in a world where people like telling you what you don’t have and not what you have.I try to tell my players what they have.” It is with Wenger’s philosophy that I set this blog and write my posts.

My blog has two aims: to show people the beauty of books and to encourage and help them pick the one that they will most likely appreciate.I reckon that every novel is worth a read and I do my best to reveal their beauty in my reviews.I however know that tastes differ,and thus objectively point out those characteristics of a novel which might not appeal to everyone – I believe it is essential to do so,lest the reader is disappointed with the book as a result of having had wrong expectations from it.You can see my reviews here.

Before I continue,I wish to point out that you will not find young adult fictions here.I mostly read classics or nominees and winners of prestigious literary competitions – I’m on a quest to read the best books of all time.

I have been studying English in Literature and Mathematics concomitantly for a good while,but I had to make one choice for university,and I opted for the latter.This blog is a way for me to keep my passion for literature alive.I like looking for allegories,symbolisms,meanings and fun facts about authors and books over the net and sharing them here; my blog is both a place to share my fondness for reading and one of interest for random visitors who wish to know more about a book they have read or are about to read.I hope you will be interested in my articles and have fun browsing though my favourite quotes and some trivia I have found over the net.

Finally this blog being a virtual token of my love for books,I regularly post pictures of my latest book haul here.I am also a member of the Folio Society and it is only on this blog that I let this fact known.If the books I bought are of any interest to you,please click here.

Well,I hope you have a good time on my blog! 🙂


5 thoughts on “What the Blog is About”

  1. Your blog is well laid out. I like the clean design and the easily understood and navigated menu items. As a librarian and book-lover myself, I plan to return here often!

    1. Oh,that was the intended effect.I wanted to make this blog ‘well laid out’,but nobody seems to be noticing this.In fact,you’re the only one who has complimented me on the format of my blog! Thanks!

      That post is a bit old,as I’ve changed many things ever since.I plan to update it soon! And yep,you’re always welcome here! 😉

  2. Thank you for following my blog! Now I have discovered yours, and it looks wonderful. I look forward to reading more of it.

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