Why you should read Animal Farm


Synopsis: The animals on Manor Farm decide to rebel against their cruel owner Mr Jones.After the latter is ousted,the pigs,being the most intelligent animals,are elected as the leaders of the farm now called ‘Animal Farm’.If the farm is initially governed under a fruitful democratic system,it nonetheless slowly degrades into a ruthless dictatorship.

What you will like in ‘Animal Farm’ :

1.The simplicity
This book is among the simplest you will ever find.The little sentences and the short chapters render it accessible to even a 9-year-old kid.Also,such simplicity ensures that readers grasp the message of the book without any difficulty.

2.The size.
The size is another factor that distinguishes Orwell’s novel from other classics.The book is very straightforward and economical.Moreover,every single thing in ‘Animal Farm’ is relevant to its main theme,hence constantly reminding us of the moral underlying the story.

3.The allegories
‘Animal Farm’
is a masterpiece simply because of its allegories.Everything before,during and after the Bolchevik Revolution is represented in this novel.In fact,the more you decipher the allegories,the more you’ll like the book.Even what may look like the pettiest of details holds a significance.(You can find all the allegories here.)And what I liked best about these allegorical connections must be the intelligent way in which they were developed by Orwell.For instance,in the book it is no coincidence if birds and humans both have two legs!Really ‘Animal Farm’ is the epitome of allegorical literature!

4.The narrative style
The book is narrated in the same manner as a fable.The narrator describes everything in a very clear fashion,as if we were kids.As a result of being treated as such,we read ‘Animal Farm’  through a kid’s eyes and are eager to know what happens next;we do not see the book as a sombre and boring classic that has an underlying moral.Maybe that is why Orwell chose a farm as the allegorical setting for Russia: he wanted to hold our attention till the very end and make sure that we have understood everything,and is there any other way to do so apart from using a setting that even the youngest of kids will be familiar with?

Verdict: Literature should be thankful to Orwell,for there is no other allegorical story as deep as ‘Animal Farm’.For this reason,this book is truly one of its kind and deserves to be read at least once in a lifetime.It defined an era,just like Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ defined the Napoleonic period.Yes: I rank ‘Animal Farm’ among the very best books we have ever had. 


24 thoughts on “Why you should read Animal Farm”

  1. I agree with every word. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken the liberty of re-blogging this on my site (don’t worry- you still get the full credit… And hopefully a few new readers).

      1. Animal Farm is one of my favourite books and your review is just the thing one needs to understand Orwell’s books. His 1984 is another masterpiece.

  2. I love the Keep Calm Read Animal Farm banner!

    Besides the banner, you nailed it perfectly. It’s a book that is easy and exciting to read, yet it has a superior aesthetic value to it. One of the very few classics that is suitable even for children and inexperienced readers, yet can be enjoyed by a demanding adult reader alike.

    I love the work you’re doing here – promoting quality literature. It counts!!

  3. I just re-read Animal Farm recently – it is hard to believe how economical this book is – story, history and thought. It must have come together as a bolt of lightening.

    PS I am here because of killkaties reblog – nice to find you!

    1. You might want to take a look at my compilation of all the allegories.Although it took me some days to study the Bolchevik Revolution and Stalin’s reign,it was really nice to decipher everything;the more I deciphered things,the more I was impressed by Orwell’s genius.I linked it somewhere in this post!
      Yep,Orwell covered absolutely everything;every character and object stand for somehing in real life.
      My favourite allegories must be Moses,the birds and Frederick! (do you know why Frederick is called such a name?I didn’t at first,and was stunned when I learned the answer) Orwell is truly a genius!
      I’m glad you liked the post! And thank you for also commenting! It’s very encouraging! 🙂

      1. This is very interesting and I can see that you put a great deal of thought and time into presenting the allegories. Very nice for people like me who are a bit lazy and a bit hazy about history. Now I know why he used the name Frederick!
        Thanks you,

  4. i think the book seams okay but i cant juja a book on other peoples opinions and i say this form alagori but if aagori is right i will like this book

  5. This is a good book. It is interesting because of the story line in general. The animals and there feels.

  6. Hello I am not good English speaker can you please given a example of the things like simple sentences thank you btw yo book review / promotion is great.

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